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Season 2 Episode 4: Selling Homes

204 - Feb 8, 2019

It is time to downsize for Wilf and Christine — a retired couple. It makes sense financially but emotionally it is way tougher than they imagined. The hardest part is letting go of a lifetime of keepsakes and memories. And they worry they will not get the price they need for a comfortable retirement.

Graham and Angela want a bigger house and a bigger yard for their two kids and two dogs, and they are confident their house will sell fast. Their small town has just landed a huge contract to build a natural gas plant worth $40 billion. The population will double and people will need somewhere to live. Six hours after they list their home they get an offer. They worry did they price it too low? Will the offer go through?

And finally, Matt and Alex are conflicted. They don’t want to leave their supportive community, but the 45-minute commute to work is taking its toll. They also want to enroll their daughter in a French immersion school. They decide to forego an agent and sell their house themselves. But the market is slow and after a few months of little activity they wonder if they have made the right decision. Should they consider an agent?


  • The average size of a new house has almost doubled since the 1970s from 1050 square feet to 1950 square feet.
  • 43% of homeowners would sell their home without an agent.
  • 16% of buyers are interested in buying a house that needs work.
  • 4/5 baby boomers move out of their home to save money.
  • 64% of home sellers expect full asking price.
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