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Season 2 Episode 6: Retirement

206 - Feb 22, 2019

Bev is a 72-year-old widow who was tired of coming home to an empty house, so she came up with an alternative. She bought back the large family home where she and her husband raised seven children, and placed ads seeking like-minded women to form an "intentional community." Five women now live together. It saves on costs and provides companionship and support, but Bev finds she still carries most of the responsibilities. How can they divide them up? Can they turn their intentional community into an official co-op?

Janet is an 82-year-old woman whose schedule is full with all her various activities — which includes volunteering. She wants to add even more onto her volunteering plate but her health, particularly her eyesight, is failing, and her children want her to slow down. She doesn’t.

And finally, Roger and Jennette are a couple in their 60s who planned every aspect of their retirement, including moving to their dream retirement town. Now they have one more thing to take care of and it’s not easy: talking to their children about their end of life plans. How will that go?


  • The average Canadian retires at the age of 64
  • The average Canadian will enjoy 22 years of retirement
  • 66% of Canadians planning to retire in the next 12 years have not saved enough to retire comfortably
  • 62% of retired Canadians have an employer pension, but only 10% of Canadians under 30 currently have an employer pension
  • 2% of retirees prefer to live in a retirement home
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