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Season 2 Episode 5: Marriage

205 - Feb 15, 2019

Brandon and Natasha grew up in a challenging environment with few opportunities. They want their kids to have more. Leading by example, they believe hard work and taking advantage of opportunities is key. They are both working on post-graduate degrees in addition to their jobs. This leaves them with little time to spend with their kids and as a family. Will something have to give?

Mark and Carol in their 50s and have been married for ten years, but live apart in separate apartments. It seems to be working for them, but recently Mark is hankering for more time together. Carol is a travel writer and who is often away, but does not want to cut down on her trips. Can they stay the course or will changes have to be made?

And finally, Ben and Kaitlin are a young couple who have been living in a van so Kaitlin can pursue her online yoga business. It is a cramped, but until now, successful arrangement. However Ben's videography business is growing and they are also thinking about starting a family. What compromises will they have to make? Will they have to abandon the van and move into a house?


  • 16% of married Canadians have a date night at least once a week
  • 22% of couples think breakups are contagious
  • 40% of marriages end in divorce
  • 54% of Canadians agree that spending time apart strengthens their marriage
  • 97% of married Canadians agree that compromise is key to a successful marriage
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