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Season 1 Episode 4: Food

104 - Dec 15, 2017

In the food episode we meet the statistically average family that can’t seem to make time to eat healthy meals together. Plus, a large family that has 25 people over for dinner every Friday and a couple from the east coast who have so little money that to feed themselves they forage for food, tend a garden and barter for meals with their neighbours.


  • The average family of four eats together four times a week and spends $265 a week on food.
  • 57% of Canadians grow their own food.
  • The average Canadian buys takeout 1.7 times a week.
  • 28% of Canadians throw a potluck once a year. The host is likely to be between 18-34-years-old.
  • 81% of Canadians use family recipes.
  • The average weekly food waste of a Canadian household is $28.
  • 22% of Canadian kids under 13-years-old are picky eaters.
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