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Season 1 Episode 3: Home

103 - Dec 8, 2017

In the home episode we meet the family with the statistically average home who are looking for ways to increase its value. Plus, a family who bought a huge home now regrets the constant upkeep and a pair of sisters who are looking to buy their first home — but right in the middle of frantic real estate bubble.


  • The average Canadian home is a detached, three-bedroom house worth around $478,000
  • House prices across the country have increased, on average, 3.6% in one year but in Toronto they have increased 33%
  • 68% of Canadians are homeowners
  • 67% of Canadians aspire to build their own homes
  • 48% of homeowners in Canada plan to renovate this year and stats show that 61% will do so without a budget
  • 18% of do-it-yourself renovation projects are eventually completed by professionals
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