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Season 1 Episode 2: Money

102 - Dec 1, 2017

In the money episode we meet a couple who find that earning the statistically average income still makes it difficult to raise a family. Plus, a woman worth $100 million who is moving her family into her dream home and a couple making a decent income but are so loaded down with debt that they’re considering bankruptcy.


  • The average Canadian household earns just under $81,000
  • 26% of Canadian couples choose to keep their money seperate
  • The average Canadian carries a debt of $22,000
  • 70% of Canadian parents talk to their kids about money
  • One in five Canadians have zero emergency savings
  • 25% of Canadians play the weekly lottery
  • Since 2005, the wealthiest 10% of Canadians have seen their net worth grow by 42% — while the poorest 10% have seen theirs shrink by 150%
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