Update: Jill of all trades in the gig economy

In the Working Life episode of The Stats of Life, we met Jodi, a “Jill of all trades.” She hadn’t had a steady job for over two years, but she’d been working various short-term jobs — sometimes up to 15 different gigs a week — to support her and her small business: Helga Wear. Jodi created a line of female-friendly safety gear for women who work in trades. She had invested in 500 units of the Helga Wear overalls, but there were no buyers in sight.

Since the episode aired, Jodi got tons of interest in her product, as well as emails full of praise and words of encouragement. One of those emails was from Karen Clarke, the supply chain manager at Seaspan. Karen has helped Jodi move Helga Wear into the right direction by investing in Jodi’s company and having the women at Seaspan conduct a field-testing program with the product.

Jodi no longer depends on the gig economy to support herself and now is able to be more choosy about the jobs she feels are worth her time.

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