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Episode 3: The Low Down on High Fat

Posted by Jean Paetkau

highfatsmall.jpg From food at midway fairs to snacks in television commercials ... we'll take a closer look at the sugary treats that are adding inches to our waist lines. And we'll find out why one critic of the Canada food guide says we need to think twice about portion sizes. A Toronto chef tells us why she welcomes fat in her frying pan.
 An episode that will make you think twice about that deep fried cheesecake.
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Guests on the show include:
 Michael Mink ... a researcher who videotaped 28 consecutive days of TV commercials.
Also ... Dr. Yoni Freedhoff writes a blog about Weighty Matters.
And Jennifer McLagan embraces high fat cooking in her cookbook Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient
Web Extra - Pastry and Fat
Episode Three was all about how our diet is causing us to get fatter. But we didn't want to make you feel too guilty about eating fattening food. So we sent Producer Michael Tymchuk to a Victoria pastry shop called Creating Occasions, to learn how to eat sweets responsibly. He met up with Head Chef and Owner Lora Lonesberry as she was putting the finishing touches to a wedding cake.
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