About the Show

The Main Ingredient is CBC's food show that feeds your head.

It features underknown, surprising, topical and probing stories behind the food you thought you knew. Don't expect to tune in and hear about how to choose the best balsamic vinegar or wine to pick with tuna. The Main Ingredient is more about food issues and food anthropology and food philosophy. The show will also dive into stories about modern food marketing, the fast food industry and even the urban farm......ever heard of meat in a petri dish?

We tell stories about how food impacts our lives.

khalilsmall.jpgHost Khalil Akhtar has been CBC's national radio food columnist for more than two years. He has also worked as a news reporter, producer, newsreader and host. Currently, he is the co-host of On The Island, the morning radio program broadcast from Victoria. He also cooks a mean lamb curry. 

Thumbnail image for michaelsmall@naig.jpgProducer Michael Tymchuk has been a TV and radio reporter in locations across Canada, including stints as a legislative and acting national reporter. He's currently in Victoria, where he has produced award winning segments for On The Island and Ideas. Michael defies anyone to create better hummus. 

Joan Chang is The Main Ingredient's food news reporter and works for CBC Radio in Vancouver. She also writes Lunch Rush for Metro Vancouver newspaper. Her personal food stories are posted on her blog, Western Easterner.
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Jean Paetkau is the associate producer who tracks down guests for the show. When not chasing interviews for national radio she works on the provincial afternoon show out of Victoria , All Points West. Her strength in the kitchen is eating. 
elliotgarnier.jpgElliott Garnier is the technical director for The Main Ingredient. He slices and dices the show together and adds all the music you love. When's he's not behind the mixing board, he's in front of the cutting board making delicious vegan meals.