Episode Three: Profit and Capitalism

photo credit: <a href='http://www.flickr.com/photos/patrick_q/109599222/'>Patrick Q</a>

photo credit: Patrick Q


In Hollywood movies, capitalists are often interchangeable with villains: profit-hungry land-barons bent on cheating the hapless hero out of house and home. Most often, they've got on pinstripes and a top hat.


But pure capitalists are everywhere in Canada, though you might not recognize them as such. They're living entirely off the investments made on their behalf. In fact, your grandmother could be a capitalist. 
And the pursuit of profit? Many economists say it's what keeps a cherished Canadian institution running.
Join us for Episode Three, and you'll hear our economist guide Stephen Gordon make his on-air debut on the show, and you'll find out how The Beatles were partly responsible for a major medical breakthrough.