The Invisible Hand is a show about economics.

Every choice we make in life can be seen as an economic choice. We have limited time, limited money and limited information. Every day, we parcel out these scarce resources in a never-ending series of choices.

Philosopher Adam Smith gets the cred for our title. He theorized that if people made choices with their own economic self-interests in mind, then a collective force would guide the marketplace to benefit the common good. This force...was like an invisible hand.

On the show we explore whether ideas like that--ones found in the pages of an Economic text book--can also be found at work in the real-life stories of the world today. 

Guiding you on this radio journey is host Matthew Lazin-Ryder.

The behind-the-scenes team is producer Geoff Turner and senior producer Karen Burgess.


About the Host

Matthew 2.jpgMatthew Lazin-Ryder is a journalist based in Vancouver.
When he's not thinking deeply about economics and the zombie apocalypse, he's a producer with On The Coast, the Metro Vancouver afternoon show on Radio One.
Outside of work, Matthew has a number of stage acting credits, works on learning Farsi as a second language, and loves making Scotch eggs.
He is also an avid reader of non-fiction books about the Napoleonic Wars.
Matthew graduated from the BCIT journalism program, after being fully indoctrinated in the ways of Drama at the Langley School of Fine Arts.