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How do I know who is going to be on the show?

Short answer: you don't! That's all part of the excitement - you'll have to wait to find out! Please remember that some interviews are pre-taped.

What should I wear?

Dress for television! You will be on camera at some point during The Hour. Bold colours are best - but please stay away from busy patterns and oversized logos. Also, please refrain from bringing bulky items to the studio i.e. suitcases, backpacks etc.

Can I take pictures or video?

Unfortunately, cameras and recording devices are not permitted on The Hour set.

Is George available for interviews?

All interview requests should be sent to The Hour at with "interview request" in the subject line.

May I approach the guests?

Please do not approach the guests at any time. If you approach a guest, it will result in your removal from the studio. If a guest approaches you to shake your hand or say hello - please feel free to reciprocate.

How many times can I come to a taping?

You can come as often as you like! All tickets are free of charge.

If I need to cancel my tickets, whom do I contact?

Please send a cancellation notice to: Please include your name and the number of tickets you wish to cancel. These tickets will be distributed to our waiting list.

How far in advance can I request tickets?

Ticket requests can be made as soon as they are posted on the calendar on our ticket web page. We cannot reserve tickets for a date that is not listed.

I have a lot of friends; can I bring all of them?

Group bookings can be made up to a maximum of 30 tickets. These special requests must be made directly to: The names of everyone attending must be included. Also, it helps if we know what type of establishment your group comes from (i.e. school, sports team, business outing etc.)

My 8 year old is in LOVE with George, can she come?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate anyone under the age of 18. We cover a wide range of content on our program and it is not always suitable for younger viewers.

I'm in a band and I want to get some airplay, can George help me out?

George hosts "The Strombo Show" on CBC Radio 2 every Sunday from 8 PM-12. You can contact the Strombo show by calling 416-205-6226. Stalkers need not apply!

Can I pick up my tickets for my reservation two weeks from now?

No, we don't hand out physical tickets. Your confirmation e-mail and I.D. is all you require to process your reservation.

Something we forgot?

Let us know! E-mail:

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