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You know, over the past sixty years, our society has made some astounding advances in science and technology.  But what if I told you you can trace all of them back to three things.  An unholy trinity, if you like:  War.  Porn.  And fast food.
That's the theory of science and technology writer Peter Nowak.
For example, we all know the military created the internet, but they also created lasers back in the Fifties.  The same ones that now allow you to sit back and watch, oh I don't know, 'Anchorman' on DVD.

As for porn... Well, it pioneered the use of video, which led to the explosion of the VCR.  But Nowak also says when you buy something on eBay, and use PayPal to pay for it, you can thank the porn industry for creating that.
And fast food is more than just filling empty bellies.  Peter says companies are embracing technology to cut costs.  Think call centres in India are annoying?  Well, a certain burger company is now using internet technology to outsource their drive thrus.
Peter lays it all out in his new book: 'Sex, Bombs and Burgers - How War, Porn and Fast Food Created Technolgy As We Know It.'

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Air Date: June 1, 2010

Season: 6

Episode Number: 159