Louis Ferreira



The Bio

Louis Ferreira is one of those actors you just know.  You like horrors?  You might have seen Louis in Saw IV, or showing off his zombie skills in the remake of 'Dawn of the Dead.'  How about hospital dramas?  He was on 'ER'.  And if, like George, you're a fan of 24, you probably remember Louis from that, too

Yeah, Louis has covered a lot of ground in his lifetime.  He actually was born in Portugal, and got into acting after his family moved to Toronto.  Louis took a stage name early on - so, you might actually know him as Justin Louis.  He just changed his name back to his birth name last year - after twenty-five years!

Anyway, Louis has done a ton on TV. Guest stints on both 'CSI' and 'CSI:Miami', and played a serious wacko on the critically-acclaimed 'Durham County'.  Oh, and yeah - that was him as legendary docmaker Albert Maysles in HBO's much talked about remake of 'Grey Gardens.'
If there's still any question about Louis' versatility, on 'Star Trek Voyager,' he even played a holographic tree!  Funny thing - he swore he'd never do sci-fi again after spending so many hours in makeup, but what do you know, he's back - with a lot less makeup, this time - starring as Colonel Young on 'Stargate Universe.'

Show Info

Air Date: December 15, 2009

Season: 6

Episode Number: 59