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Wakestock kicked off for the second time in Collingwood's Millenium Park August 6-8th, and it came fast and furious with the world's best board riders, bangin bands and some bikini broads. The world's top wakeboarders, skateboarders and wakeskaters were in attendance, along with a lot of line-ups and the appearance of the legendary Public Enemy - Believe the hype!   

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The festival included some of the world's best Wakeboard Pros and upcoming Amateurs. Friday and Saturday's conditions were near perfect for the semi finals.

WAKESTOCK 2010 Opener.jpg

But when it came to the finals on Sunday it was rough out there outside the wake. From rain to high winds the final four had a lot to contend with including injuries. And there were a few serious bails creating new injuries, even the Pros fall sometimes.

Oh Snap!.jpg

It was Bob Soven who took home the win against the other final 3 including his brother who placed third. Bob did admit he also had the best conditions of the day. Soven who was sited by the announcer as the "best looking ginger in the house" was grateful for the win and for the chance to dance!

Bob Soven 2010 Wakestock Wakeboarding Champ.jpg

And dancing there was, moshing and crowd surfing even, during the concerts at Wakestock and at the afterparties in the Blue Mountain Village.  The most notable performance was of course by the legendary Public Enemy. You better believe I was wearing my clock, I was surprisingly the only one. And they just killed it with their classics, especially 'Don't Believe the Hype', 'Terminator' and 'Fight the Power'.

Wakestock Flave Digs My Clock.jpg

 Don't worry, Flav busted out his clock later and tore down the house with the power of Chuck D backed by an army theme of militance.

Flave knows what time it is.jpg

And promoting peace, unity and togetherness, they did not appreciate some yahoos in the crowd throwing beer cans at people. In fact they stopped the show and made a point to call the guy out, Chuck D even threatening to go down there and get him himself. After D shouted "long live Wakestock", Flav gave us his togetherness philosophy on life and told us the 2 things he hates the most are racism and segregation. They closed their epic, energetic  and politically charged performance appropriately with 'Fight The Power'!

Public Enemy Fight the Power.jpg
Other amazing performances came by the name of USS - Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker. They brought us their anticipated antics, acrobatics, cardboard cutouts and onstage shakes!

Wakestock USS.jpg

Surprise guest Maestro Fresh Wes who played during the USS set made our backbones slide while droppin that needle. His shining moment of the day however, was when he got to shout "don't believe the hype" during the PE show. Public Enemy big upped and encouraged the legacy of Canadian rap.

Wakestock Maestro Fresh Wes.jpg
Alexisonfire - and on fire they definitely were

Wakestock Alexisonfire.jpg

And surprise find Ko who just opened for Cypress Hill in the Tdot did an amazing job on the mic backed by a few boys we saw perform in the village the night before - Rebel Emergency.

Ko and Rebel Emergency.jpg

Other attractions included the skateboarding ramp with the best view ever.

Wakestock Skateboarding.jpg

And the wicked mad stylings in the BMX department like this of Eric Favot

Wakestock BMX Eric Favot.jpg

Overall most of the Wakestock crowd was totally laid back, friendly and there to have fun. But there's always a few sideshow punks... The hooliganism didn't stop with the drunks in the village or the beercan chucking. Some total idiots pulled this trick. To be fair most of the kids were pretty awesome and well-behaved despite massive lineups and crowds. The overall Wakestock vibe has a comradery to it. It is a sense of community of the wicked, sick and ill but chill.  Surprisingly, most of the crowd had dispersed by the actual Wakestock finals, but like Flav, the true fans know what time it is!    

Porta in the lake.jpg

I have gone to Wakestock since it started up in my cottage country in Bala and it is an annual event not to be missed. As Chuck D declared "LONG LIVE WAKESTOCK!!!
See ya next summer!

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