Posted by Jess Watt on June 30, 2010 5:22 PM

At 65 years young, Ms Lavette breezed into the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto last night as part of Toronto's Jazz Festival. To our surprise the venue was at half its capacity...guess everyone went to The Roots who were playing at the festival's mainstage. What the numbers lacked the crowd made up for with consistent feedback to the legend. Though visibily appreciated by the songtress, it was evident that she reigned over the crowd. 


Bettye Lavette - Photo by Jess Watt.jpg


Stand out songs of the evening were, Nights in White Satin-a former hit by the Moody Blues and Elton John's, Don't Let the Sun go Down on Me, which Bettye performed sitting cross-legged on stage. She is a proud woman whose voice exudes a genuiene confidence rarely heard in today's music scene.

Bettye's latest offering, Interpretations-The British Rock Songbook is a compilation of 1970s tunes by heavyweights of the day: Stones, Zeppelin, Beatles, etc... 

Bettye concluded the evening with an a cappella version of "I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got", a fitting number to close the chapter of what she's acheived in her life so far.

Love ER

Next festival stop....Montreal's infamous Jazz Fest!

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