Paul McCartney Let's 'Em In

Posted by Jess Watt on August 9, 2010 10:22 AM

The most successful songwriter in the world, #2 Beatle and knighted for his services to music, Sir Paul McCartney will be playing to a whopping 55,000 people in both Toronto and Montreal this week for a total of 3 shows. 
I was one in thousands that packed the ACC last night to witness the legend in all his glory. And glorified he was. After every song (approx. 30 of them) the crowd applauded and cheered with much enthusiasm. That is to say, that after performing each song, Sir Paul raised his arms to the crowd looking for approval. 

Paul McCartney Crowd-Photo by Jess Watt.jpg

After covering Jimi Hendrix's, Let Me Roll It, Paul recalled the first time the 1960s guitar god played the UK. Remembering how The Beatles had just released Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band, and to McCartney's surprise, Hendrix himself covered the song. Like this anecdote, Paul divulged others throughout the set: dedicating Here Today to "John" and recalling the song Blackbird at the time was written for Southern U.S. civil rights.

The man who has his own coat of arms (really!) combined hits of his heydays: The Beatles & Wings and his not so heydays work with The Fireman, an on-going electronic experiment. Hey Jude, Helter Skelter, Let It Be, Live & Let Die, Yesterday, etc, all the favourites were played.

Paul McC & Brian Ray-Photo by Jess Watt.jpg

Now having seen both a Beatle and The Rolling Stones in my lifetime, like the London 2012 Olympics has to currently decide who will headline the opening ceremonies. The timely question, and one The Hour favourites, Metric likes to ask: "The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?" 
I've said it many times and I stand by it: The Rolling Stones. :)

Paul McCartney - Photo by Jess Watt.jpg

Words & Photos by Jess Watt

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