METRIC get what they give: Stadium Love

Posted by Jess Watt on July 10, 2010 4:20 PM

Though the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre isn't exactly a stadium, it was Metric's largest show to date in Toronto, and the 'Stadium Love' they brought to its crowds was huge.
Kicking their 90 minute set off with 'Black Sheep', a song released online only earlier this year, the band caught some of us into thinking it was a new track. Nice try guys! Really, it didn't matter what they started with, so long as they just rocked. And rocked out hard is what did with fresh Jimmy Shaw guitar solos, Beastie Boys inspired intro's and some Neil Young, 'Hey Hey, My My, Rock n' Roll will Never Die...' 

Metric Duo Pink-Photo by Jess Watt.jpg

And as if to say they can tone it down when need be, Emily dipped back into her solo release, "Knives Don't Have Your Back" for some 'Doctor Blind'. This was followed by Metric's most mainstream effort to date, 'Eclipse: All Yours', written for the widely popular Twilight Saga's final film, Eclipse. Only this time they upped the ante with a string quartet, along with Emily at the piano. Pure class all the way.

Metric Emily Hair-Photo by Jess Watt.jpg

For those of us who have grown up with Metric and have watched them rise over the years, last night's show added something new: there were kids in attendance. Yes, actual kids, under 10 years old amongst us thirty-somethings. And amongst that there were thousands of guys and girls proudly sporting Metric t-shirts and tank tops, most notably with Emily Haines face on them. I guess the kids are all right. 

Metric Tamborine-Photo by Jess Watt.jpg

But it wasn't the audience that impressed me most (not that it should ever be), it was Emily, Jimmy, Josh and Joules. On stage the foursome still carries across that genuineness that is often so tried, yet true. Having toured Fantasies well before it was even released in the Spring of 2009, Emily still looks like she's wowed by the audience and having fun, all the while rocking out through their music. You'd think after playing 'Gimme Sympathy' or 'Help I'm Alive', not to mention 2003's 'Dead Disco' they'd grow tired of it. No, Metric tweaks each song a bit, making an "old" song "new" for them to play and for us "veterans" to hear, yet easily recognizable to their newer fans.

Metric hair-photo by Jess Watt.jpg

What's next for Metric? Another solid release like "Fantasies" and the proven ability to play to the masses and we'll see Emily strutting her stuff on the stage at the ACC or GM Place. 

Can't wait!

Photos and words by Jess Watt

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