Posted by Jess Watt on September 9, 2010 10:45 AM

If you like Feist, Annie Lennox, Florence and The Machine or LaRoux... you might like Ms. Marina Lambrini Diamandis, better known as Marina and the Diamonds! Born in Wales but hailing from London, Marina has made her mark across the pond and is also signed on a 

US label - a juxtaposition which could only result in a song like 'Hollywood' which she played at the Opera House in Toronto earlier this week.  

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Marina is a true original in her music and especially in her style. Sporting black lipstick, a football jersey T and heart tights, I see why she describes her personal style as: vintage/cheerleader/cartoon.  Her music ranges from slow full-bodied piano ballads, to up-tempo new wave-new wave keyboard hybrids. She plays a variety of key instruments: piano, glockenspiel, casio VL-tone and the organ. The tone and texture of her throaty voice has an incredible, beautiful range, but the songs are mostly fun and frolicky. Her lyrics are clever and insightful, her songs are definitely worth a listen. Her fans the diamonds sure think so, superfans were screaming for her throughout the show, in the most obscene ways. A huge turnout at the Opera House and definitely a large component from the brotherhood community.    

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Songs of the night were definitely hits: 'Hollywood', 'I am not a robot' and the extended version of 'Obsession'. After attempting what might be (next to Steven Tyler falling off the stage), the worst rockstar jump we've ever seen, she gave us our encore. Demanding of the crowd "I want to hear a big, fat cuckoo" really sums up her kooky style and intro to 'Mowgli's Road'. Check out the video for that one, it's nice to see a pretty girl be creative and quirky instead of glam trampy. Marina and the Diamonds are still pretty under the radar in Canada and despite the bad music put on heavy rotation in radio, she is one "indie" songstress worthy of more exposure.

Taken in by Jenn Good with photos by Jess Watt   

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