A KISS to Remember

Posted by Jess Watt on September 11, 2010 11:00 PM

Dubbed as the Hottest Show on Earth, KISS and their army of fans invaded the shores of Lake Ontario this past weekend. Having recruited followers of all ages in a variety of get-ups with the constant theme being black, particularly black leather, it was both a show on and off stage to be witnessed at least once in a lifetime.

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KISS have been in the 'game' for 37 years and counting, so they know how to bring it. Having performed for tens of thousands of people at once this past show must have seemed like a flash in the pan for them-just 15'000 people, that's all. But as expected, they brought it, playing up to every audience member's and photographers dreams (see below). Blood-spitting, pyrotechnics, make-up, the classic songs, Gene's tongue, the platform boots, the works. KISS is known more so for their live show, and not their music. Yeah, everyone knows "Rock and Roll All Nite", some even live by its lyrics, but its their live show that's really famous. So when the band performed newer songs it wasn't a lull in the show; they rocked it so hard in their performances that it didn't matter if you didn't know the music. 

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This is truly a band of the marketing age: pewter figurines, his & hers fragrances, M&M's, Big Gulp cups, make up kits, jigsaw puzzles, oh and a pinball machine. KISS is not just a band, they're a empire. And not suggesting that the KISS empire needs cash, but with a live show of theatrical proportions they could easily take up residency in Las Vegas. Till then KISS continue to tour North America hitting even the tiniest of cities, recruiting new fans to the KISS Kommunity along the way. And for the ultimate KISS recruit, you can even meet the band for a mere $975, ticket to the show included.

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Its funny to think that a band that started their first ever tour in the middle of winter, in Edmonton of all places (what were they thinking!), back in 1974 could ever come this far. Living legends, living large.

Photos by JESS WATT

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