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Posted by Jess Watt on June 20, 2010 6:02 PM

It's all about Dundas Square again tonight, but the one show that thousands turned up to see... Iggy Pop and The Stooges.

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Iggy and The Stooges came cocked and loaded with raw power indeed! And with the anicipated manic energy, exploded into the human tidal wave of thousands in Dundas Square Saturday night.  Yonge Street was closed and security could barely handle the surfing crowd, especially when Pop called some of them onstage early on in the show. The Stooges did not disappoint, Iggy was in the crowd by song 1, he: surfed, moshed, raged, posed and crawled the blue lit steps like nobody's business.  And they performed hits from all 4 albums including: 'Search and Destroy' and 'I Wanna Be Your Dog'. 

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Most of the crowd could not see a thing, but they could at least feel and hear the music bouncing off the buildings that close in the Square. With multiple jumboscreens all over the venue, it was disapointing none of them displayed the show. And the ill placed tents in the middle of the Square didn't help matters. But people made the best of it, the mosh pits went all the way back to the Eaton Centre across the street. The energy was live, mostly generated from the man himself - Iggy Pop! Whom aside from various hair-do's looks basically the same as he always has, tight pants and bare-chested. 

When it comes to punk rock, The Stooges are the real genuine article.  Hailing from Ann Arbor Michigan back in '67 with a break from '75 into the new millennium, they showed the entire Square who's still got it!!! 

We saw them a few years ago in Montreal and that was an equally outstanding performance of energy. Although after that show, some jackass stole all their gear- come on! Iggy and the boys who just got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year, are revered as being part of the rise of punk and hugely influential in rock and metal music overall.  

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Before The Stooges came the much lighter Raveonettes from Copenhagen, Denmark.  The Danish duo have an interesting blend of styles.  They take many elements from the 60's from the squeaky clean guitar chords to the surfer twang basslines, especially 'Love in a Trashcan'.  There are also a few punk hints in there, some shoegaze and a bit of dark content against the bright sound.  The band to play before them was the breezy, open-aired Surfer Blood from West Palm Beach Florida. Their bassy tunes have traditional surf-rock elements and an echoey sound reminiscent of The Silver Sun Pickupsish with a bit of Vampire Weekend.


The Zeros

After Dundas Square we headed to Chinatown to the El Mocambo where the TBA band was Moneen. But we were there to see The Zeros from Chula Vista, California who formed back in 1976.  Friends: Javier Escovedo, Robert Lopez, Hector Penalosa and Baba Chenelle met in highschool and formed this band. They classify themselves as punk but they are pretty light for that, much more rock. They do follow the simplistic lyrical format of punk's repetition as in songs like 'Don't Push Me Around'. The Zeros play tight, they have driving rhythms with good energy and they got a packed house.   



Up the street at The Silver Dollar, there was this band from the UK called Comanechi we'd heard all about as being pretty wild and full of attitude. The singer and drummer Akiko, started the show off by lipping off the sound man and asking the audience to "tell us if we sound shit".  I think she meant sound tech-wise but in all ways, we agreed.  Akiko Matsuura goes by the name of Exceedingly Good Keex... I don't know what that means... but I have a few ideas. She was a cracker that's for sure, in her salmon-coloured fringe figure-skating leotard she pounded the hell out of those drums.  Simon Petrovich whom we've named numerous gas stations after here in Canada, killed it on guitar and had a very nice pussy cat T-shirt on.  They live in London, UK but there was no mistaking the high-pitched Japanese accent on Matsurra even though she was trying to be punk with it.  Too bad EGK was stuck behind those drums, I'm sure she rocks out as she has to song 'My Pussy', about Simon's T-shirt.  They were wild indeed, and cranked the volume up full which usually means a compensation for something... style over substance. 

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And... off to Cherry Cola's Rockin Rolla!  

More photos can be found at TheGoodWattage.

Stay tuned tomorrow for De La Soul! 

***** Jenn and Jess

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