GRH(W)M: Prop Mistress

Posted by Amanda York on March 10, 2010 6:08 PM

Hey! So somehow I ended up with the neat and somewhat challenging job of Prop Mistress. Nobody really calls me the Prop Mistress, though; they just say, "Carolyn, we need this book/CD/pony on set today. Make sure it's there!"

Yes, a pony. You read that right. Luckily, I usually don't have to get the props. I just make sure they get to set. So our Talent Producer Carli found a pony one day. And today our Office Manager, Christian, had to find a bobsleigh. Did you know it's kind of hard to find a bobsleigh in Toronto? This is what ended up on set:

That's our writer, Adam, with Women's Bobsleigh Gold Medal winner, Heather Moyse. They're rehearsing a segment in George's opening chat. You can see G in the background checking out how it looks in the monitors.

While they rehearsed, someone had to babysit Heather's gold medal. Guess who got that job? Me! Here I am holding it while watching rehearsal on the monitors:

And here I am holding it while G rehearses Mile a Minute: 


I was really, really tempted to run away with the medal, take it on a trip, and send you photos of it in faraway places, but I had a job to do: get the medal on set. Since I take my job seriously, here's a cell phone action shot of me walking on stage with the medal while our Audience Warm-up Guy and All-Around Cabana Boy, Brian, comes off the stage:

And finally, my job is done. The prop is on G's red chair in a secret hiding spot so he can surprise you with an Olympic Gold Medal:

And that, my friends, is a brief introduction on what it's like to be The Hour's unofficial Prop Mistress.


 - Carolyn is George's assistant, right hand woman, and all around cool chick.

Photo by Caitlin Cronenberg

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