Does It Offend You, Yeah? & Kele = Party!

Posted by Jess Watt on September 7, 2010 7:31 PM

Named after Ricky Gervais's character on the wildly popular, The Office, Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Bloc Party's vocalist, Kele Okereke shared the bill to an under-attended show downtown Toronto last week. Having soldout larger venues and being topped as headliners at festivals, one had to wonder just where the Bloc Party fans were that night. For those in the know, or those true Bloc Party fans it was a night to revel in as yes, he did play some Bloc Party songs!

Does It Offend You - Photo by JessWatt0000.jpg

Does It Offend You, Yeah? started the show promptly at 8pm to under one hundred people. Does it offend them? No. After the first electro thrashing instrumental song the band explained that their singer had gotten the flu and wouldn't be joining them onstage. Does it offend the crowd, no! 

The four-piece give it their all. What saved them from utter demise, as really, a band could easily go down in given these circumstances is their music. The live guitar and bass mixed with a live drummer, thrown in a laptop full of crunchy beats...Hell, who needs the singer anyway! Its the beats, its the energy that feed a groove, not the vocals, at least not in this case. Made me wanna lock myself in my bedroom and turn up the stereo real loud and dance without caring. You know, like we did back then, when our parents pissed us off and we were sent to our rooms and the only way to rebel was to turn it up loud, real loud. Remember?

Kele Hand-Photo by JessWatt.jpg

Kele came out looking like a dancing basketball player adorned in a Pistons shirt.

Admitting he has a potty mouth; it was the crowd that should really talk. With remarks and shoutouts like, "I'll have your baby!" or  "Take off your clothes" its no wonder he's happy to play to the small clubs...and screaming girls??? Who knew Kele was a sex object? But really who could blame ya, when he shakes his ass like that on stage. Makes a certain girl wanna come back from 'the dark side' and go even darker.

Kele Opener-Photo by JessWatt.jpg

Having listened to the disc before seeing Mr. Bloc Party live, I recommend doing the complete opposite. His energy, his music don't come across on disc/mp3. See him live while you can, cause before long he'll be back with his Bloc Party buds holed up in studio and bets are he won't be shaking his ass when the boys are around. That, and oh, his set are really really short! 

Throughly enjoyed with photos by Jess Watt.

Btw, he played Bloc Party's "The Prayer"

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