Crystal Castles

Posted by Jess Watt on August 16, 2010 11:04 AM

Local duo and The Hour favourites, Crystal Castles lit up the Koolhaus in Toronto last Saturday night with the razor sharp siren sounds of producer Ethan Kath and shattering shrill voice of Ms. Alice Glass.  

CC Wheres Alice-Photo by Jess Watt.jpg

"Where's Alice?"

Playing tracks off both their self-titled albums, their expanded cult following exploded into an uncontrolled frenzy.  The vibe was frantic and unfettered, the wild and reckless youth took the place over.  We have witnessed multiple CC shows but the crowd at this one took the cake. Feeling all ages, but not,  these little fist-pumpers didn't care who they knocked in the head. The urgent infectious wave of sound set to the seizuring light show fueled the fire. 

Crystal Castles White-Photo by Jess Watt.jpg

The lighting and effects have evolved but the Doc-clad, pencil skirted, Glass did not disappoint us with her spasmatic moves, sprawling along the floor. 'Courtship Dating' and 'Celestica' were performances of the night but 'Crimewave' continues to be their best song.  Crystal Castles, named after She-Ra, is like a knife fight while riding a motorcycle top speed through Hong Kong at night.         

Check em' out if you can before they make the jump to South America (!) later this year.

Jess & Jenn reunited.

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