Aerosmith put on a spectacle in many ways

Posted by Jess Watt on August 18, 2010 11:31 AM

Having rocked this way, since before I was born they're still killing it!!! Aerosmith remain the biggest selling American band of all time. As you may have heard, they passed through Toronto earlier this week. The scene was neon green from Steven Tyler's glowing tailored track pants to Joey Kramer's muscle shirt with green lazers in between. Before we get to the music, some stylists need to be fired.    


The entire stage was covered with the classic Aerosmith wings flag and behind it was a dancing Tyler, shakin his booty to 'It's Gettin Hot in Here' before the show even started. When the stadium high flag dropped, Steven sprang out in those green things adorned with a sequined trenchcoat, signature shades, cowboy hat and bedazzled sketchers. Luckily Joe Perry still brings it, looking like a rockstar in his tight leathers, gold shoes, scarf and true aviator shades.         

Perry Red-PhotobyJessWatt.jpg

Right off the bat during some 'Love in an Elevator' people will be talking about Steven Tyler "falling off the stage", though perhaps he had a nudge by Perry? I gave him credit for jumping albeit, it was not a very rockstar jump.  The 3 ladies he landed on however seemed forever grateful.  He was unharmed and it was safety first all night, he even brought a mattress down the catwalk to crawl on for a cover of Van Morrison's 'Baby Please Don't Go'.  

AerosmithDuo - PhotobyJessWatt.jpg

'Living on the Edge' came next although not too hard and not too strong. The extent of Tyler's living on the edge was him throwing his sunglasses into the crowd.  The accompanying video screens for this one displayed images of murder, terror... and the pope.  The glow in the dark stage was pretty awesome but the set was pretty minimal - screens, lights, 1 confetti cannon. Good music never relies on props, though they never hurt.  As the screenshot tightens on Tyler's large rings and animal print streamers (mirroring most of the crowd's pants), the show merges into a rather lengthy drum solo by Joe Kramer. This we've decided is to give Steven's strained voice a rest.  


Aerosmith has some great hits and a few misses. There were some mediocre performances but really they're just mediocre songs, songs like 'Pink' and 'Falling in Love' are ok but not their best. But when they finally got to 'Cryin', which was not a moment overdue, they really hit their stride and reminded me why I was so pumped for this show. Tyler brought me to my knees "dyyyyin to let you..." That song is a greatest hit and the video is my favourite of all time which they played none of! Yeah Alicia Silverstone puts it to my ex-boyfriend Stephen Dorff. Girls! don't ever let a boy make you feel like you need to jump off a bridge. Just attach a bungee cord and give the mofo the finger on the bounce back up. Go watch the video - Aerosmith, can't believe you didn't show a single clip! Unlike 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing', where they showed the whole  video with Ms. Liv Tyler. Speaking of which, the multiple slutty animated silhouettes throughout the show kinda creeped me out because when they look like the lead's daughter, it's just weird.


One of the highlights of the show was Joe Perry telling us how a kid at a meet and greet said he could beat him at guitar hero.  So he waged a war onstage to prove which was better... "a digital cartoon or flesh and bones". And after a kickass solo, the cartoon blew up and that debate was settled. Then he awarded himself the opportunity to play us the Blues on his favourite guitar adorned with the Canadian flag, which he played behind his head.   

Moments matching this one included the Lennon-worthy cover of 'Come Together', paying homage to the greatest band of all time Jess, that's right - The Beatles not the Rolling Stones. And they gave an all-star performance of one of the most classic rock songs of all time 'Sweet Emotion'.

The concert ended abruptly and was followed by the shortest encore of all time. But they did choose a powerhouse pair of epic tunes to come back with.

1) Their best song of all time 'Dream On' which sent the jury back with the verdict that Tyler and the boys indeed still have it simply by accomplishing those impossible high notes.           

2) And the final song of the evening was the anticipated 'Walk This Way' which is down in history in collaboration with Run DMC as the first rap-rock mash up of all time.

Tyler Opener-PhotobyJessWatt.jpg

So despite the fashion crimes, these guys still show us what separates the true rockstar legends - from the rest. Though they can't hit their songs as strong live anymore, the fact is that the songs themselves are strong enough to remain timeless. And if you ever get the chance to see Aerosmith, you won't want to miss a thing.

Witnessed by Jenn Good

Photos by Jess Watt


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