Top Ten: Celebrating Canada Day

Posted by The Hour on June 30, 2010 1:49 PM

Our great nation - you know you love her. Here are 10 great ways to prove it on July 1st, Canada's 143rd national birthday.

10. Just for the day, replace the entire House of Commons with the cast of Degrassi.
9. Call up Anne Murray and tell her you love her.
8. End everything you say with "...for the Queen."

7. Name every child born on the day "Peter Mansbridge".

6. Pitch a television show to the CBC called "Beaver Blood" about Canadian vampires trying to make it in a small rural town.

5. Two words: Timbit Poutine.

4. Start a carolling group and go door to door singing "Love Can Move Mountains" by Celine Dion.

3. Put on a Leafs jersey and get "romantic" with your significant other... just don't go all the way.

2. Tweet like its 1878 and you're Sir John A. MacDonald!
And the number one way you should celebrate Canada Day is...

1. Unite with all other Canadians to re-enact an entire episode of "Anne of Green Gables" live to the world! It would be so beautiful.

Written By: Scott Goodyer

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