GRH(W)M: Going Places

So you think I have the most awesome job in the world, hey? You're kind of right. I get to boss around George Stroumboulopoulos!

The bossing around comes when I'm supposed to get George to set. It's my job to make sure he gets from our office to set on time. If I don't do my job, the show is late. And obviously, the show can't be late!

About an hour before rehearsal, I start giving George warnings: "An hour before rehearsal, George!"

He's usually in meetings with writers or producers and kind of ignores me. But he ignores me for good reason. To make The Hour happen, there are about 40 staff members, and every single one needs to talk to George. That makes for a lot of meetings, questions, and answers, but not for a lot of extra time. So he doesn't really ignore me. He just smiles and thinks it's funny that I try to get him to the show on time.

Fifteen minutes later: "Forty-five minutes, George!"

This is him in his office ignoring me:


But really, he ignores me for good reason. He has to review and write scripts, research the day's guests, work with the producers on show outline, and do about a million other things.

Fifteen minutes later, I interrupt whatever he's doing: "Thirty minutes, George!"

He smiles at me and says he and the writers have to finish writing the show. Rehearsal will wait.

I smile back and say he's going to be in rehearsal in 30 minutes.

Fifteen minutes later: "Fifteen minutes, George! We've gotta get to the studio!"

Finally, I get him out of his office and we walk to the studio, where I try to give him any last-minute information. This is kind of difficult because he gets really chatty on his way to the studio. You know, he warms up for interviewer mode. That means we stop off at people's desks all the way down to the studio. We'll chat with our Office Manager, Web Team, Audience Coordinator, whoever is around. Then we'll get to the Steven and Chris offices, where we'll chat with everyone there and maybe even try to steal some treats left over from that day's show. Next, we end up chatting with Dragon's Den staff. I must admit that hangin' with George is a good way to get to know people around CBC. But it's frustrating to be the person in charge of getting him anywhere on time!

I'd like you to know that usually we end up arriving in rehearsal on time. Have you ever seen the show start after 11:05 this season? No? Excellent. I'm doing my job.

 - Carolyn is George's assistant, right hand woman, and all around cool chick.

Photo by Caitlin Cronenberg



GRH(W)M: Prop Mistress

Hey! So somehow I ended up with the neat and somewhat challenging job of Prop Mistress. Nobody really calls me the Prop Mistress, though; they just say, "Carolyn, we need this book/CD/pony on set today. Make sure it's there!"

Yes, a pony. You read that right. Luckily, I usually don't have to get the props. I just make sure they get to set. So our Talent Producer Carli found a pony one day. And today our Office Manager, Christian, had to find a bobsleigh. Did you know it's kind of hard to find a bobsleigh in Toronto? This is what ended up on set:

That's our writer, Adam, with Women's Bobsleigh Gold Medal winner, Heather Moyse. They're rehearsing a segment in George's opening chat. You can see G in the background checking out how it looks in the monitors.

While they rehearsed, someone had to babysit Heather's gold medal. Guess who got that job? Me! Here I am holding it while watching rehearsal on the monitors:

And here I am holding it while G rehearses Mile a Minute: 


I was really, really tempted to run away with the medal, take it on a trip, and send you photos of it in faraway places, but I had a job to do: get the medal on set. Since I take my job seriously, here's a cell phone action shot of me walking on stage with the medal while our Audience Warm-up Guy and All-Around Cabana Boy, Brian, comes off the stage:

And finally, my job is done. The prop is on G's red chair in a secret hiding spot so he can surprise you with an Olympic Gold Medal:

And that, my friends, is a brief introduction on what it's like to be The Hour's unofficial Prop Mistress.


 - Carolyn is George's assistant, right hand woman, and all around cool chick.

Photo by Caitlin Cronenberg



GRH(W)M: George talks Radio with Ridley


George loves talking to the audience after a show, especially students. Last week, Ridley College ( English, Film, and Media Teacher Shelley Thomas brought a class to a taping. They just started a radio program there and wanted to ask George about broadcasting, so he answered all of their questions for the inaugural Ridley College podcast. Above and below are some photos of the interviewer becoming the interviewee.


- Carolyn is George's assistant, right hand woman, and all around cool chick.
Photo by Caitlin Cronenberg



George's Right Hand (Wo)Man: Hi, I'm Carolyn!

Hey! Yes, I guess I'm George's Right Hand Woman. Some call me his Assistant. Others call me lucky. Those who know George call me crazy.

Just kidding. It's a fun job, but very, very busy. Before I started work, the Executive Producers warned me it would be like working in a hurricane and man, were they right! I've never met anyone as busy as George, so he needs someone like me around to organize schedules, sort out the hundreds of daily email messages (which we love, so keep 'em coming!), and run out to find crazy things like bunny ears. Yes, that kind of stuff happens all the time. Luckily, I wasn't the one who had to find a horse one afternoon!

Anyway, if you think he just sits around and just chats to famous people an hour a day, think again! I'm here to give you a glimpse into the other 23 hours of George's day.

If you want to know what we're up to, you can find me on twitter. I'm GigiLaFaux. See you around!

- Carolyn is George's assistant, right hand woman, and all around cool chick.
Photo by Caitlin Cronenberg