Frank Spadone Extra


Tonight on the show, we had Frank Spadone on to offer up some comedy to get you ready for your weekend.  And not only did Frank have our audience laughing - but he had such a great ten-minute act that we though we had to share it with all of you.  We've got Frank's full stand-up act on our Video page - just click here to check it out.

If you like what you see, Frank's performing in the World Cup of Comedy this Sunday in Toronto at the Panasonic Theatre - to get tickets, visit or get more info at



Hair to Clean Up Oil Spill?


In tonight's experiment, Pete and Scott used hair to clean up oil - and they weren't just making that stuff up.  As George mentioned, a California non-profit called A Matter of Trust (some of whom are pictured above with recent donations) has been using hair to mop up oil spills since 2000.  They're busy helping out with the cleanup on the Gulf Coast now, and are looking for even more donations of hair and pet fur.

A bunch of Canadian salons are shipping what they chop off, so ask your stylist - or send your hair directly.  All the info is at their website:

I know that I could likely make another cat out of what mine sheds, so you might not even need to chop off all your hair just to help out.  Check out the website, and do what you can. 



Win a Pure Pwnage Prize Pack!


Pure Pwnage is wrapping up on Showcase on April 30th, and they sent us a couple of prize packs for the l33t gamers in The Hour audience.  And if you are truly among that number, you'll want to win one of these, including: a Pure Pwnage 'i pwn n00bs' t-shirt, a 'competition gaming surface' (really big mouse pad), a bandanna so you can look as good as Jeremy, a pack of stickers, two 'leet speakers' - one Jeremy and one FPS Doug, and a Showcase USB keychain.

What do you need to do to win?  Well, the guys from Pure Pwnage have sent us their Top 10 signs you're a hardcore gamer, which are below.   Comment with your own sign that you're a hardcore gamer before April 30th at 5 PM EST, and we'll pick two comments to walk away with the loot!


Top 10 Signs You're A Hardcore Gamer

10) Your Internet connection is more important than running water.

9) You book your vacation time based on World of Warcraft expansion release dates.

8) When you wake up on your birthday you yell "DING!"

7) You managed to sit thought this:

6) You love the Power Glove, because it's so bad.

You'd study a lot harder in school if teachers gave out Xbox Live achievements instead of gold stars.

4) Your closest friends are people you've never even met.

3) Everything you know about the history of the world you learned because of Sid Meier.

You just found out there are some movies based on Knights of the Old Republic.

1) You didn't go see Avatar because you didn't want to spoil the plot of the game.




Danny Bhoy On Tour


If you saw Danny Bhoy on the show, we're sure you'll want to check out the man that the Montreal Gazette called "the sharpest wit to hail from Scotland since Billy Connolly" live and in-person.  Well, you're in luck - he's on tour!  Here's where he'll be appearing:

TORONTO: April 29 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre
LONDON:  April 30 at Centennial Hall
OTTAWA: May 1 & 2 at the NAC Theatre
MONCTON:  May 4 at the Capitol Theatre
SAINT JOHN: May 5 at the Imperial Theatre
GLACE BAY: May 7 at the Savoy Theatre
HALIFAX: May 8 at the Schooner Showroom
CHARLOTTETOWN: May 9 at the Confederation Centre
REGINA: May 11 at the Conexus Arts Centre
WINNIPEG: May 12 at the Burton Cummings Theatre
EDMONTON: May 13 at the Winspear Centre
CALGARY: May 14 at MacEwan Hall
VICTORIA: May 15 at the Royal Theatre
VANCOUVER: May 16 at the Vogue Theatre

Check out for ticket information and more.



Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders

Last night, Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters cam on the show to help with another Taylor's question - our question from a kid this week, which is 'are there aliens?'  Big Taylor definitely believes there's aliens out there somewhere, which is fitting, given 'foo fighters' was the name given to the UFOs spotted by Allied aircraft in World War II.  To check out Taylor's answer, visit our video page.

Taylor's band, Taylor Hawkins & the Coattail Riders, have a new album out called Red Light Fever that's now available on iTunes.  You can also find out more info, including tour dates at



Are there aliens?

This week's question came from Taylor, and it's a question quite a few of us still wonder about and argue over: Are there aliens?

As always, we want your answers to pass on to Taylor!  If you have an answer, a question, or a video upload, just head on over to and submit it there.  As you know, George reads some of the best on the show... and if you send in a video, you might see you or your kids on The Hour.



The New

The newly redesigned has just launched - with a player that links to Strombo Shows of the past, so you can listen and re-listen.

Check it out and let us know what you think.



How do I upload my Video?

We know that all you parents are quick with the video cameras for everything from first words to first steps - so there must be a few awkward questions caught on tape.  If you've got a great question from your kids - or an answer for those poor beleaguered souls out there - we've made it easier to for you to send us your videos.

Just visit our It Takes A Nation page, and use our simple video uploader.  It doesn't take very long, and will get your video right into our hot little hands.  Check it out at



The Sound of Vancouver

We've had a few requests for this video George showed on a recent episode - the Vancouver skyline with the sound of Canada winning gold! Enjoy all, and thanks to YouTube user vancouver1907 for the video.



Douglas Coupland in Canada Reads

Author Douglas Coupland will be on the show tonight - and he's not just partially behind one of the best shows the CBC has ever made ('jPod'), but he's also on the short list for the CBC's annual battle of the books, Canada Reads, for his breakout novel, 'Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture'.  Cadence Weapon is defending his book while it's in the running.

If you want to check out Douglas' book, and all the books up to be the one Canada will read in 2010, check them out here:



Haiti Relief

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The CBC has just put together a new Haiti Relief site, with all the information you need on Hatian relief efforts. Visit it at:



How to Help in Haiti


The earthquake in Haiti has left untold devastation and death in its wake, and with several aftershocks overnight, the situation is only getting worse. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to get supplies in to the country - but money donated to the organizations on the ground will get to the people that need help right away. The federal government has also committed to give up to $50 million to match Canadians' donations to eligible charities aiding relief efforts in Haiti - so your contribution will count for twice as much. Here's the Frequently Asked Questions about the government's commitment to match your donations at the CIDA site.

If you'd like to donate, visit CBC's Haiti Relief site at:

CBC News has a full list of charities and emergency contacts here. Foreign Affairs also has a list, and if you're not sure about a charity - or not sure if the government will match your donation - search for it here.

If you have friends or family in Haiti, our thoughts are with them and with you.