Caption Contest: Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg and a Fan, with Strombo on the Side

Yesterday, while we were adding some behind-the-scenes photos of Snoop Dogg's visit to The Hour, we looked at this photo and thought: 'What's going on there?'

While we have our own ideas, we know you all likely have some excellent ones of your own.  So comment with your own caption to this picture by next Wednesday, June 23rd, and the best comment will get a little something from The Hour's swag cabinet.

And keep it clean, people.  You never know when your mom might start reading the internets.



Canada's Best Are All Over the Map

Canada's Best Are All Over the Map

Thanks to everyone for putting your Best Of Canada on the map. So far we have 1852 pins, 207 images and 571 likes posted by 683 users. That's pretty awesome eh? We still have a month to go, so keep entering your favourite picks for a chance to win a customized Best of Canada trip to visit the best for yourself!

Our guests are sharing their favourite spots with the nation as well. Can you guess who enjoys hanging in their closet? Or who shared the best place to fill up your gas tank? Read on for more picks from the Hour's guests.

Hot Hot Heat
Best Record Store - Zulu Records, Vancouver

Best Scenic Drive - Sea to Sky Highway (Vancouver to Whistler)
Best Sports Store - Pete's Sports (London)
Best Poutine - Elgin Street Diner (Ottawa)

Best Late Night Eats - Pizza Corner
Best Pizza Joint - Alexander's Pizza
Record Store - Halifax Records and Antiques on Illville St.

Bruce Greenwood
Best Place to Feel Like Batman - My closet

Plants and Animals
Best Place to Fill up the Gas Tank - Any gas station, Wawa ON
Best Hotel Laundromat - Holiday Inn South Winnipeg, Winnipeg MB
Best Place to Think About Life - Duncan's Cove, NS
Greasiest Fish 'n' Chips - Fish 'n' Chip Trailer, Downtown Brockville ON

The Best of Canada Contest ends June 13th, 2010.



Best Of Canada Guest Picks

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We've already received a great number of entries for the Best of Canada Contest and our guests have added their faves as well. If you enjoyed seeing what our guests have chosen, here are some bonus best picks from our guests.

Debra Digiovanni
Best Late Night Eats (after shows): Swatow (Darcy/Spadina) awesome Chinese food till 4am
Best Diner Close to My House (seriously, 2 second walk): Kramer's at Yonge/Davisville

Ian D'sa - Billy Talent
Best Recording Studio - "Vespa Music" 155 Toryork Drive, Unit #15, North York
Best Audio Equipment - "Moog Audio" 442 Queen St. West, Toronto

Best Bar - The Morrissey (Vancouver)
Comicbook store - Paradise Comics (Toronto)
Sandwich shop - Ciccio Sandwiccio (toronto)
Best Sushi - Kadoya (Vancouver)

Best Used Bookstore? Halifax Records and Antiques
Best Scenic Drives - Peggy's Cove

Best Vegetarian Food - The Cornerstone (Guelph)
Best Cajun Food - Hot Belly Mama's (Peterborough)
Best Hot Dogs - Jerry's (Sherbrooke)

See more picks and add your own to enter the Best of Canada contest.



Win a 2010 FIFA World Cup Game from K'naan!


We've got a lot for gamers this week on The Hour - this time, a hot new game, signed by the voice of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, K'naan.  EA's 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa for the PS3 could be yours - all you have to do is design a flag for The Hour to wave.

Head on over to and upload your flag before May 10th, 2010 at 11 PM EST, and you could be the lucky winner of this signed game. Get to work and get to uploading!



Win a Pure Pwnage Prize Pack!


Pure Pwnage is wrapping up on Showcase on April 30th, and they sent us a couple of prize packs for the l33t gamers in The Hour audience.  And if you are truly among that number, you'll want to win one of these, including: a Pure Pwnage 'i pwn n00bs' t-shirt, a 'competition gaming surface' (really big mouse pad), a bandanna so you can look as good as Jeremy, a pack of stickers, two 'leet speakers' - one Jeremy and one FPS Doug, and a Showcase USB keychain.

What do you need to do to win?  Well, the guys from Pure Pwnage have sent us their Top 10 signs you're a hardcore gamer, which are below.   Comment with your own sign that you're a hardcore gamer before April 30th at 5 PM EST, and we'll pick two comments to walk away with the loot!


Top 10 Signs You're A Hardcore Gamer

10) Your Internet connection is more important than running water.

9) You book your vacation time based on World of Warcraft expansion release dates.

8) When you wake up on your birthday you yell "DING!"

7) You managed to sit thought this:

6) You love the Power Glove, because it's so bad.

You'd study a lot harder in school if teachers gave out Xbox Live achievements instead of gold stars.

4) Your closest friends are people you've never even met.

3) Everything you know about the history of the world you learned because of Sid Meier.

You just found out there are some movies based on Knights of the Old Republic.

1) You didn't go see Avatar because you didn't want to spoil the plot of the game.




Jon's Coconut Winner!

Thank you to everyone who commented to win Jon Montgomery's signed coconut from his re-enactment on the show!  We've sent the link on to Jon so he can read all your supportive, creative, and sometimes slightly weird comments.

And congratulations to our winner.... newfiehun, a.k.a. Connie F. from Calgary AB!  Connie will be the proud owner of the coconut cup, with the sacred duty of bringing it forth for Sochi 2014.



Win Jon Montgomery's Coconut!


We're having Jon Montgomery on the show tomorrow night, and if, like many of us, you're all into full-on Olympic withdrawal now that the Paralympics are wrapped up, you'll remember him for sure. 

Jon won a gold medal in skeleton in Vancouver - and his triumphant walk through Whistler with a pitcher of beer was one of the most memorable moments of the Games.  We enjoy doing our re-enactments here at The Hour, so we put together another one with Jon.


Here's some of our production staff prepping some things to hand to Jon while he 'walks' through 'Whistler'.


Jon and his beer.  This is pretty familiar to most of us, I think.


But hey - why stop at a beer?  Jon and a martini!


And now, with a pina colada in a coconut glass...  You can see where this is going.

We may not have a lovely bunch of coconuts, but we definitely have one to give away - and as you can see above, it was touched by gold medallist Jon Montgomery... but we didn't stop there.  We got him to sign it!


Where else could you win such a thing but The Hour?  If you want Jon's coconut for your very own, leave a comment here before Monday, March 29th at 12 noon.  We'll pick a winner at random, and we'll send you a piece of Olympic history.



Love, Hate & Propaganda

Thursday's National Post picked up on a story we've known about for a little while now: George is working on the narration for a new six-part documentary series called 'Love, Hate & Propaganda'.  The documentary will focus on the role propaganda played in the Second World War, and the first part of the series 'The Strong Men', is set to air March 4th on CBC.

You can learn more about the series at its website:

Or on Facebook:

If you're a secondary or post-secondary student, you can also win with 'Love, Hate & Propaganda' by creating your own propaganda poster or video!  Check out the website for details.



The Hour's Guinness Contest

This contest is now closed.

Congratulations to Kristin B. from Radville, Saskatchewan.