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New name, new length, same red chair.

You've heard the rumors, you've struggled to pronounce the name, and come September 20th - you'll be able to tune into CBC's George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight.

Yes, we're revamping The Hour for the 7th season.  The new show will be 30 minutes long, but its core values won't be changing.  We're tweaking the format to bring you the best content in a tighter package. The new website, which launches September 19th, will feature more web exclusives, and will connect our viewers (and George lovers) to additional news that drives thought and inspires opinion.

Click here to read more about the new show.



George's First Ever Motorcycle Roadrace

We're not sure what was braver - risking life and limb in his first ever motorcycle roadrace, or letting the cameras follow him. Watch George, #50, in this web exclusive video and judge for yourself.




Tiff Opener - Score: A Hockey Musical


George is only one of the many Canadian celebrities in Score: A Hockey Musical, which just scored the prestigious Tiff open night gig. To read more click here



Jonas the Tiger Stolen!


When we heard the very sad news that Jonas the Tiger and two camel compatriots were stolen on their way home to the Bowmanville Zoo, we immediately suspected a situation like the one above.  To Mexico, George!  And freedom!

More seriously, Jonas and the camels are in some danger being away from the people who are able to care for them properly.  There's some concern that they won't get proper food and water, and there's also concern for the safety of the thieves.  Jonas is a lovely tiger, but he's still a large wild animal.  I'm sure you know what a tiger looks like, but here's a clip of Dave Salmoni and Jonas when they were last on the show.  If anyone in Ontario or Quebec sees a Bowmanville Zoo trailer, or a tiger (alone or with camels), please contact the police.

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We're all hoping Jonas and his friends come home safely!



George's Hot Summer Playlist

This summer, George has got you covered. 

Between sidewalk chalk and BBQ hopping, there's hardly any time to canon ball. That's why he came up with this wicked summer playlist-just for you. This way, you can rock out in the sunshine and still have time for soft serve...all you have to do is remember the sunscreen. 

1. Johnny Thunders - Born to Lose
2. Rancid - Brad Logan
3. Desmond Dekker - Israelites
4. Spiritualized - Ladies & Gentlemen We are Floating in Space
5. Nas & Damian Marley - As We Enter
6. Coconut Records - West Coast
7. Misfits - Where Eagles Dare
8. The Dead Boys - Ain't it Fun
9. K-os - I wish I knew Natalie Portman
10. Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love (with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with)

To hear more, tune into the Strombo Show Sundays at 8 PM on CBC Radio2 or check out more of George's picks at

By Stefanie McCarrol



The G12 for Sunday, May 30, 2010

Here's the G12 Countdown from Sunday's Strombo Show - check out for past shows and more.

These are in no particular order.   

Kings Go Forth - I Don't Love You No More
Voyager One -1000 Miles 1000 Deaths
Ten Bears - Braces
Band Of Horses - Dilly
Broken Social Scene - Texico Bitches
Zeus - Renegade
Gord Downie - The Hard Canadian
LCD Soundsystem - Sombody's Calling Me
The Chemical Brothers - Swoon
Mark Ronson - Bang Bang Bang (Feat. Q-Tip & MDNR)
Shad - Rose Garden
The Black Keys - Everlasting Light



Hair to Clean Up Oil Spill?


In tonight's experiment, Pete and Scott used hair to clean up oil - and they weren't just making that stuff up.  As George mentioned, a California non-profit called A Matter of Trust (some of whom are pictured above with recent donations) has been using hair to mop up oil spills since 2000.  They're busy helping out with the cleanup on the Gulf Coast now, and are looking for even more donations of hair and pet fur.

A bunch of Canadian salons are shipping what they chop off, so ask your stylist - or send your hair directly.  All the info is at their website:

I know that I could likely make another cat out of what mine sheds, so you might not even need to chop off all your hair just to help out.  Check out the website, and do what you can. 



The G12 for Sunday, May 2, 2010

Here's the G12 Countdown from Sunday's Strombo Show - check out for past shows and more.

#1  Band Of Horses  Laredo
#2  Damian Marley & NAS As We Enter
# 3  Gord Downie  The East Wind
#4  Circle Research  Rock Creek Park
#5 M.I.A.  Born Free
#6 Crystal Castles  Celestica
#7  Morning Benders  Excuses
#8  Dead Weather Gasoline
#9  Darwin Deez  D.N.A.
#10  Yeassayer  O.N.E.
#11  Regina Spektor  No Surprises
#12  Tokyo Police Club Breakneck Speed




MGMT Take Over Strombo Show Sunday


This Sunday, there'll be something a little different on the Strombo Show - MGMT will be taking over George's duties for part of the evening, picking the tunes and playing them.  As you can see, they'll also be chatting with him about their amazing and successful new album, 'Congratulations'.

So if you're a fan - or you just want to see what all the buzz is about - be sure to tune in from 8 PM to midnight this Sunday night.  But I'm sure you all do anyway, so this is just yet another reason to spend your Sundays with Strombo.

And if you miss any of it, remember to check out for past shows and more.



From George: Kawi Paint Job and Graphics

The Kawi is almost ready for next weekend's test days at Shannonville track. First test days of the season. Can't wait!

Suspension is set. Body (the bike's body, not my body.. Although ;)) is freshly painted. New graphics are going on today. Thanks to Sheila at Auto Trim Design in Ottawa. They're the best.

I love the Slayer inspired name plate.

- George #50



George's Picks: Nighttime Wishes

George played a song on the show tonight that has some killer guitar - all done by just one amazing woman.

The song is called 'Nighttime Wishes' by The Coppertone, and if you're in Southern Ontario, you're in luck.  The Coppertone is playing:

- Not My Dog in Toronto on April 17th
- Eco Film and Arts Fest in Hamilton on April 24th
- Red Rooster in Burlington on May 7th
- Black Pirates Club in Thunder Bay on June 25th

If you're not in the area, check out her site at - or check out this live performance of 'Nighttime Wishes' below.

Amanda Zelina: Nighttime Wishes (Live)- The Wood & Wires Video Series from Adrian Vieni on Vimeo.



George's Picks: As We Enter

George's pick from tonight's show is a favourite around The Hour offices too, but with Damian Marley and Nas, is that any surprise? 

The tune is called 'As We Enter' by Nas and Damian Marley from their upcoming album, 'Distant Relatives'.  The entire album is a collaboration between the two to explore and celebrate the correlations and deep-rooted connections between reggae and hip hop, tracing both sounds back to their African roots.  It comes out on May 18th - but in the meantime, take a listen to 'As We Enter' below:



George's Picks: Blitzen Trapper

We get a lot of e-mail when George plays a song on the show, wondering about the group or the title - sometimes people are away from the TV, or don't have a pen and paper handy... whatever the reason, it's easy to miss the details sometimes.

Well, worry no longer!  We're going to get that info to you the night of or the day after the show, right here.  Last night's tune was 'Heaven and Earth' by Blitzen Trapper - and fortunately for all of you who are dying to hear it, the band is giving the MP3 away for free on their website.  Just visit and download 'Heaven and Earth' for your very own.

And if you want to listen to great music anytime, visit for Strombo shows past and present.



The New

The newly redesigned has just launched - with a player that links to Strombo Shows of the past, so you can listen and re-listen.

Check it out and let us know what you think.



Strombo and Jim Richards in VanCity

g_and_jim_in_man_march5.jpg has a story and some great shots of George doing the Jim Richards Show live from Vancouver to Toronto on NewsTalk 1010.  They chatted with Premiere Gordon Campbell, Ujjal Dosanjh, and the author of the post, Bob Kronbauer.  Check out the blog post for more photos - and thanks, Bob.



George talks about Vancouver

John at and Rebecca from ran into George in Vancouver for the games, and squeezed in a quick chat about Vancouver's amazing show of spirit and why women's hockey is the most important event culturally at this Olympics.


Thanks to John and Rebecca for the great interview!



Love, Hate & Propaganda

Thursday's National Post picked up on a story we've known about for a little while now: George is working on the narration for a new six-part documentary series called 'Love, Hate & Propaganda'.  The documentary will focus on the role propaganda played in the Second World War, and the first part of the series 'The Strong Men', is set to air March 4th on CBC.

You can learn more about the series at its website:

Or on Facebook:

If you're a secondary or post-secondary student, you can also win with 'Love, Hate & Propaganda' by creating your own propaganda poster or video!  Check out the website for details.



How Smart Are We, Canada?

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Want to find out how smart you are? How you measure up against the country? Tomorrow night is your chance!

Join George and his co-host Carole MacNeil on Test the Nation: IQ this Sunday, January 24th at 8 PM on CBC. They'lll have in-studio teams to measure your smarts against, like nerds, politicians, twins, atheists, believers and athletes. And from 3 PM tomorrow, you can even take the test online, ahead of the show!

Check it out at - and watch tomorrow night at 8 PM!



If Strombo were Mayor...

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The National Post is asking Toronto personalities what their political platforms would be if they were running for mayor - and they kicked off the series by talking to George.

What would Toronto look like with Strombo running it? Check out the article here.