What're You At?

Avril Lavigne, Alessia Cara and Paul Sun-Hyung Lee: What're You At? With Tom Power

Stay inside and hang out with Tom Power.

Stay inside and hang out with Tom Power.

Pop star Avril Lavigne joins Tom Power for a virtual hangout. (CBC)

Hey Canada, what're you at?

Tom Power is back to do a virtual check-in with Canadians across the country — from his living room with his nan blanket.

"What're you at?" is Tom's friendly Newfoundland way of asking, "How are you?" In this episode, Tom catches up with Avril Lavigne, Alessia Cara, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee and a couple of front-line workers.

Tom has a special surprise in store for ballet dancing powerhouse couple Heather Ogden and Guillaume Côté.

Avril Lavigne

Famous singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne drops by to chat with Tom about what she's been up to. Avril just released her re-recorded single We Are Warriors in support of front-line workers battling COVID-19.

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee

Did you know Appa from Kim's Convenience is a cosplay geek? Well, the actor who portrays him is! Paul Sun-Hyung Lee makes Tom jealous with his home-crafted proton pack.

Check out the name tag on Paul's Ghostbusters costume — Appa ain't afraid of no ghosts!

Musical guests

Alessia Cara offers words of hope from her home in Toronto. After showing off some lighthearted self-help posters around her home, she performs her single October from her latest EP.

Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fay from indie rock group July Talk chat about how the pandemic impacts their life as musicians. They perform their track Governess Shadow from their home.


This episode aired Sunday, April 26 on CBC Television. Stream the whole episode now on CBC Gem.