What's new on CBC Gem in September

Check out what's new on CBC Gem for September.

September! Fall! Gem!

September brings a serving of returning scripted comedy and drama favourites, sprinkled with a little bit of brand-spanking-new, to CBC Gem.


September 16

Murdoch Mysteries
Detective William Murdoch and company return for a 13th season of old-timey detective work on Murdoch Mysteries. Crimes will happen. The team will solve them. Drama and laughter will ensue.

Catch up on what the Murdoch Mysteries team has been up to so far on CBC Gem.

Frankie Drake Mysteries
For detective work set a little farther into the 20th century, private detective Frankie Drake is back for a third season of Frankie Drake Mysteries.

Watch seasons 1 and 2 of Frankie Drake Mysteries on CBC Gem.


September 17

The CBC Gem releases for September 17 sees four comedies coming to the service.

Still Standing
Jonny Harris continues his mission to prove that Canadians know how to laugh at themselves and continues to visit and explore small towns, where he performs stand-up shows.

Watch previous episodes of Still Standing online now on CBC Gem.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes
This Hour Has 22 Minutes is back for a 27th season of informing and amusing Canadians with its newsy-ish broadcasts.

Catch up on the news with This Hour Has 22 Minutes on CBC Gem.

Baroness von Sketch Show
The cast of Baroness von Sketch Show returns for a fourth season of squeezing captivating humour from the absurdity of everyday life.

Seasons 1 to 3 of Baroness von Sketch Show are on CBC Gem.

And, for a taste of new comedy, maybe crack open a tall boy and definitely check out TallBoyz. TallBoyz is a new sketch comedy show featuring four young comedians and their comedic antics. They argue, they challenge each other, they imagine bizarre scenarios. Are they tall? Maybe. Are they funny? Watch and find out. 

Catch the TallBoyz trailer on CBC Gem.


September 18

Aurora Browne and Carolyn Taylor are the hosts of The Great Canadian Baking Show. (Geoff George)

The Great Canadian Baking Show
CBC's homegrown take on The Great British Bake Off returns with a whole new batch of bakers, ready to compete in three rounds in the chance to be named that week's Star Baker, in their quest to win the Baking Show title.

Check out the first two seasons of The Great Canadian Baking Show now on CBC Gem.


September 19

Battle of the Blades
The hit live competition series is back, where veteran hockey players partner up with renowned figure skaters in the hopes of winning the Season 5 championship, and a $100,000 donation to the charities of their choice. 


September 22

Saddle up for the premiere of season 13 of Heartland. Officially the longest-running one-hour scripted drama in Canadian TV history—since galloping past the record set by Street LegalHeartland returns to delight viewers across the country with new episodes.

Watch Heartland from the beginning on CBC Gem.

Anne with an E
Over at Green Gables, Anne Shirley and the gang are back for a third season of adventure on Anne with an E.

Catch up on seasons 1 and 2 Anne with an E on CBC Gem.


Also on CBC Gem in September

If a dark, dramatic, imported mini-series is more your style, BBC One's The Victim arrives on CBC Gem on September 6. The four-part series follows the trial of a woman accused of attempted murder after publicly revealing the new identity of the man she believes killed her son.

For feature-length film entertainment, a handful of films make their CBC Gem debut in September.

The life of Nova Scotia artist Maud Lewis is the subject of 2016's Maudie, starring Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke. Maudie is streaming on Gem from September 14.

Also on September 14, Into Invisible Light comes to CBC Gem. Directed by Shelagh Carter and starring the film's co-writer, Jennifer Dale, the story starts in Winnipeg and is loosely based on the Anton Checkov play Uncle Vanya.

William Shakespeare's The Tempest arrives on the proverbial shores of CBC Gem on September 15. Performed on the Stratford Festival stage, The Tempest just may, to quote Shakespeare's script, captivate the ear strangely.

Canadian writer and director Stephen Dunn's 2015 feature Closet Monster is available for streaming on Gem from September 20. The film, based on Dunn's own experiences growing up as a gay teenager on Canada's east coast, won an award for best Canadian feature film at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival.

On September 27, Canadian David Cronenberg's 2012 feature Cosmopolis comes to CBC Gem. Robert Pattinson plays a billionaire riding across Manhattan. In his limo. To get a haircut. The journey is punctuated with roadblocks both literal and figurative and with human and stock market drama.

Log on, chill out, and enjoy the new content that CBC Gem has to offer in September.

Happy September and happy streaming!