What's new on CBC Gem in March 2020

The digital streaming platform has a line-up of new content – and it’s totally free for Canadians

The digital streaming platform has a line-up of new content – and it’s totally free for Canadians


National events like the Junos, Canada Reads, the highly-anticipated season premiere of Diggstown and the finale of Kim's Convenience means this March is full of excitement. You can watch everythign for free online at CBC Gem! 

Here's the breakdown of what's coming to CBC Gem this March.

The 2020 Juno Awards

The 2020 awards show airs live on CBC Gem on March 15th. Watch the trailer with host Alessia Cara.

You can live stream CBC Music Juno Week events beginning March 13th.

Canada Reads 2020 

The Canada Reads 2020 debates will take place March 16-19. (CBC)

CBC's battle of the books is back! Canada Reads 2020, hosted by Ali Hassan, will take place March 16-19 and be broadcast on CBC Radio One, CBC TV, CBC Gem and on CBC Books

Schitt's Creek (Season 6 continues) 

New episodes of the sixth and final season of Schitt's Creek premiering Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


The final season of Schitt's Creek: The Rose family continues to plan David and Patrick's wedding, Alexis starts down a rough romantic patch, and Moira deals with the less glamorous side of fame. 

Stream previous seasons for free on CBC Gem

Kim's Convenience (Season 4 continues)

Watch a new episode on CBC Gem every Tuesday at 8 p.m. 


This Tuesday, Umma re-evaluates her role as a mother, Appa comes into money and tries to do a good thing with it while Jung and Shannon discover they have different concepts of sexy. 

Workin' Moms (Season 4 continues)

Watch a new episode of Workin' Moms every Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. 


Turning up the heat this season, the moms will stand up for their children, their partners, their businesses, and most importantly, themselves. In the upcoming third episode, Kate has more troubles with Mike; Frankie and Bianca's sperm donor gets close; and Jenny learns of a glaring pay gap at work. 

Catch up on every episode of Workin' Moms now streaming now on CBC Gem. And watch a new episode every Tuesday.

Diggstown - Season 2 Premiere

Starting March 4th, watch a new episode every week at 8 p.m.


In the first season of Diggstown, the fierce Marcie Diggs left her high-powered job in corporate law to work for legal aid in Nova Scotia. Her fight against the merciless criminal justice system continues in the second season, bringing dark humour as it deals with issues of police violence in the black community. The first episode involves a woman from North Preston who is killed by a police officer during a high-speed chase.

Other titles coming to CBC Gem in March

  • The Oland Murder, March 4th.

  • Kenny vs. Spenny - Season 1, March 12th

  • Mohawk Girls - Season 1, March 12th

  • Série Noire - Season 1, March 20th

  • What Would Sal Do? - March 12th

  • Due South - Season 1, March 12th

  • Wild Bill - March 9th