Vanja Mutabdzija Jaksic

Vanja Mutabdzija Jaksic is a producer, journalist and a perpetual optimist who loves a good show/film, breathes music, writes poetry, and dabbles in tech and innovative ways of storytelling (including through XR/VR/AR/MR). You can find her stories at and or follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @neptunes_blues.

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Oral History

Between two fingers: Kids in the Hall look back at creating 'Headcrusher'

Oral history of The Kids in the Hall's famous character Headcrusher as told by the troupe.

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The series will encore as a three-night special event in recognition of Emancipation Day, starting July 26 at 8pm (8:30NT)

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22 Minutes' Trent McClellan on creative process, being Black in NL and more

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