The Detectives

Season 3 | Episode 3: Starting Over

A Hamilton detective follows a string evidence to find out why an innocent father of four was executed. Airdate: January 23 on CBC TV and CBC GEM.

A Hamilton detective follows a string evidence to find out why an innocent father of four was executed

Starting Over (Sneak Peek)

3 years ago
Duration 1:05
Shawn Jeffries is starting to look very guilty as Detective Steve Kovach pokes holes in his story about the night of a 1991 murder in Hamilton.

AIRDATE: Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020

On a cold November night, a convenience store clerk is brutally murdered, execution-style. The victim was likely targeted — but why would someone kill a university-educated Middle Eastern immigrant and father of four? Hamilton Detective Steve Kovach follows a string of intriguing evidence to uncover a shocking international murder conspiracy, but will it be enough to catch a killer?

Why is this case important?

With one of the killers still at large and wanted by the RCMP, this story offers the possibility of generating new tips that may help the police finally apprehend the fugitive and bring the family closure.

About the detective

The real Hamilton Police Detective Steve Kovach. (WAM Media Grp. Inc.)

Retired Staff Sergeant Steve Kovach served with the Hamilton Police Service for 34 years in a variety of positions including the Homicide Unit. He is the recipient of the Police Exemplary Service Medal, a Chief's Commendation, and numerous Divisional Commendations. He retired in 2012 and is currently working in the Recruiting Branch of the Hamilton Police Service.

Episode Cast

Detective Steve Kovach

Rossif Sutherland

Shawn JeffriesTyler Elliot Burke
SWAT officerGeorge Thomas
Detective Doug LangdonAnthony Grant
Officer Mark HiggenbottomMark Day
Yousif YousifMatthew Maggi
Kathy GaynorKaty Breier
Edgard EliasBen Shaouli
RashaFariba Bonakdar
ShahiraChristina Tannous
Antoine JosephVito DeFilippo
Moe KhouryTony Nash
Awad AbdallaJad Saikali
OwnerJason Cavalier