The top five quotes from Grandpa Jack on Heartland

Good day Heartlanders! Who wants to celebrate Grandpa Jack with me this week?

Hello Heartlanders! 

Now before I begin, let's get the #1 question out of the way... 


Since I haven't answered that question yet, I unfortunately still have no news when it comes to the next season of Heartland. Nothing negative, nothing affirmative. So until I have more news, you'll need to sit tight!

Also, another bit of housekeeping; the one and only Graham Wardle is up for the fan choice award at the Canadian Screen Awards -- so if you haven't yet, go vote for him why don't ya

Now, here's what I'd like to get to this week... the one and only Grandpa Jack. He's one of my favourite characters on the show, and I'm sure that's also the case for some of you fans out there as well. 

So to celebrate Jack, I wanted to count down my five favourite Jack quotes... and I hope you'll share some of your favourites in the comments as well!

Here goes!

5.  Keeping secrets from the people we love, that never ends well. (This is from season 6, episode 6, "Helping Hands")

4. The goodness in a man runs much deeper than one moment in time. (This is from season 8 episode 17, "All I Need is You")

3. A word to the wise… take that Internet stuff with a grain of salt. It betrays as much as it enlightens. (This is from season 8, episode 4, "Secrets & Lies")

2. Just cuz you think nothing is something doesn't make something out of nothing. (This is from season 5, episode 18, "Candles in the Wind")

1. It's kinda hard to sling mud and keep your own hands clean. (This is from season 1, episode 2, "After the Storm")

That's it -- now, it's your turn!


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