The many faces of Jennifer Whalen in Baroness Von Sketch Show

Spotlight on Jennifer Whalen’s incredible transformations in Baroness von Sketch Show: from Russian mafia boss to a police officer and more.

Spotlight on Jennifer Whalen’s incredible transformations in Baroness von Sketch Show.


Three of the four Baroness von Sketch Show co-creators/stars have written for one of our other satire programs, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, including Whalen, who served as head writer of the show and won a Canadian Screen Award (at the time called a Gemini).

But her Second City alumna status gave her street cred in the comedy sphere plus her many writing and acting gigs — including InSecurity, The Beaverton, SketchCom, Instant Star, The Dating Guy and the critically acclaimed Gavin Crawford Show — all of which contributed to a complete picture we see in our hallmark sketch comedy, BvSS, which you can watch on CBC Gem.

Who would have thought she was a class skipping "kind of goth" teen. By the sound of it, costumes seem to have been her thing from an early age. It only seems natural that her career segued into BvSS where she's done way more than just worn black, and dark makeup.

She received a beating in one sketch while in others she parodied Titanic, hippies and more.

She's not only a great satire writer but takes hilarious roles of Russian mafia, police officers and many other incarnations of absurd characters to next level funny. 

Watch Whalen morph from a geeky office worker to a blonde bombshell right in front of our eyes.

And in this Mad Max parody she gets to revisit her teens with goth makeup as she sticks to her "machine" while other characters question the decision of abandoning men.

And what do you know, it's one of her favourite sketches.

Fun fact, it's also fellow comedian Colin Mochrie's favourite sketch.

Watch Baroness von Sketch Show on CBC Gem and be sure to check out other BvSS transformation profiles below!

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