The many faces of Aurora Browne in Baroness Von Sketch Show

Spotlight on Aurora Browne’s incredible transformations in Baroness von Sketch Show: from an alien to Romeo's Juliette and more.

Spotlight on Aurora Browne’s incredible transformations in Baroness von Sketch Show.


Aurora Browne graduated with a BFA from York University's acting program and since has been anchored into Toronto's improv scene. 

Her career trajectory, similar to her Baroness von Sketch Show co-creator/co-star Carolyn Taylor, has led her to the Second City stage, to appear in Canadian TV series such as Corner Gas and of course, eventually co-create, write and act in BvSS — our CBC female quartet sketch comedy which you can watch on CBC Gem

Browne also co-created and starred in our digital original, Newborn Moms — a web series about new motherhood — and among many roles, starred in Comedy Inc, Orphan Black, The Gavin Crawford Show, Comedy Now, InSecurity, The Ron James Show, and most recently hosted The Great Canadian Baking Show, which you can also find on CBC Gem.

With her experience, acting chops and grace on screen, Browne takes the art of transforming to soaring heights. Let's take a look at some of her fascinating metamorphoses in BvSS where she's become everything from Juliette to a Mad Max-esque character, an alien and so much more.

Her character Wimberly, a tattoo artist and an Instagram star, has her looking chic with green hair. But, she can pull off so much more: from absurd to period characters — embodying a hippie, police officer, a woman who eats her own placenta, and you name it.

"A picture says a thousand words," so here's a long essay about Aurora's seemingly effortless personification capabilities.

And just so you can actually see her in action, here's a sketch where Aurora Browne beats the daylight out of her co-star Jennifer Whalen. Pretty badass.

Browne's favourite sketch is called "ID Blackout". Watch the video below to find out why.

Watch Baroness von Sketch Show on CBC Gem and be sure to check back on CBC Comedy and CBC Television in a week for another BvSS transformation profile!

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