Niv Saberi | GCBS Baker Bio

The Great Canadian Baking Show returns for Season 7!
Niv Saberia stands on the set of the Great Canadian Baking Show.
Niv Saberi appears in Season 7 of The Great Canadian Baking Show. (CBC)

Niv Saberi, 31 (she/her)
Hometown: Port Elgin, ON
Occupation: Full-time parent
Instagram: @niv.witherwhisk

Niv formerly worked in nuclear engineering and left work to focus on parenting and pursue her love of baking. She enjoys getting creative with flavours from her and her husband's Indian and Persian cultures. Niv is active in her small community on Lake Huron where she is a vital member of the curling club, and enjoys thrifting, playing volleyball, and practising reiki. She also makes her own kombucha and teaches creative baking to kids at the local gallery. 

When did you start baking? I've baked from a very young age: 10 or 11 But, I only started creatively baking (using flour, sugar, and butter as an art medium) less than 3 years ago. More recently, I had lots of time and creative juices flowing after becoming a new mom so baking became my creative outlet during my maternity leave. It helped with my anxiety when my husband was on the night shift, so I would often bake very late at night. 

What's your signature bake? My first creative bake and one true love is choux pastry!

Why do you think you can be Canada's Best Amateur Baker? Manifesting this win!

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