Katherine Neiman | GCBS Baker Bio

The Great Canadian Baking Show returns for Season 7!
Kathy Neiman stands on the set of the Great Canadian Baking Show.
Kathy Neiman appears in Season 7 of The Great Canadian Baking Show. (CBC)

Katherine Neiman, 57 (she/her)
Hometown: Leduc, AB
Occupation: Retired professor

Kathy grew up on an Albertan farm with four siblings, where baking with her mom was part of everyday life. Now retired faculty from MacEwan University, Kathy continues the daily baking tradition while indulging her creative passions full-time, like painting, sketching, and even welding! Kathy is also an accomplished quilter, having earned prizes for her creations. Her competitive side also extends to her pride and joy, her two papillons, Sizzle and Tonka, whom Kathy enters in agility competitions. 

When did you start baking? My mom is an excellent baker. She got me started when I was four or five. We would push the chair up to the counter, she would have me roll cookie dough into balls and squish them into shape with a glass. Every weekend on the farm, we had to make enough cookies and treats for lunches for five kids and a dad working in the field. We always had homemade baked goods.

What's your signature bake? Alma's poppy seed squares. Alma is a dear friend of the family. They were my dad's favourite. Now friends ask for them when we get together. It is an airy poppy seed sponge covered with a creamy sweet buttery layer and dark chocolate on top.

Why do you think you can be Canada's Best Amateur Baker? I do know that I bake with heart. Baking is how I show love and creativity. How can one fail when the action comes from a place of passion, right? 

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