Andy Bui | GCBS Baker Bio

The Great Canadian Baking Show returns for Season 7!
Andy Bui is wearing an apron and standing in front of a counter top oven on the set of the Great Canadian Baking Show.
Andy Bui appears in Season 7 of The Great Canadian Baking Show. (CBC)

Andy Bui, 30 (he/him)
Hometown: Montreal, QC
Occupation: Nurse practitioner
Instagram: @bui.tiful

Montrealer Andy grew up in La Belle province with his immigrant parents speaking a mixture of English, French and Vietnamese. Now he integrates all of his cultures into his baking. A nurse practitioner who works in mental health, Andy experiments with cooking and baking to unwind from work. He likes to try out new techniques or flavours until they're perfected, then moves on to the next challenge. 

Outside of the kitchen, Andy loves to sing karaoke with family and hit the tennis court.

When did you start baking? My inspiration for baking or cooking came from watching TV shows such as MasterChef. My first baking endeavour was when I finished my bachelor's in 2016 and wanted to develop new hobbies. Cooking has stayed with me since.

What's your signature bake? I am not known for one thing. People ask me to surprise them! I use the skills and techniques I learned along the way and blend interesting flavours. I have yet to disappoint anyone with bakes that I brought to work or parties!

Why do you think you could be Canada's Best Amateur Baker? Knowing that it's a competition, I think my competitive side will kick in and I know I'll be finding a little thing that's not perfect and try it again and again and again until I make it to the end and be like, ok now I'm satisfied.

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