Andrew Evers | GCBS Baker Bio

The Great Canadian Baking Show returns for Season 7!
Andrew Evers on the set of the Great Canadian Baking Show.
Andew Evers appears in Season 7 of The Great Canadian Baking Show. (CBC)

Andrew Evers, 40 (he/him)
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Occupation: Public Service Manager
Instagram: @andrew_alamode

Baking in the tent has been at the top of Andrew's bucket list since watching Season 1. After growing up in the Niagara region, he began baking as a stress reliever in grad school. He upped his game to woo his now husband, Marc, by baking him delicious treats. The couple live in Toronto where they parent their white shepherd dog, Tristan. Outside of work, Andrew keeps active by playing in a local LGBTQ dodgeball league. 

When did you start baking? I am friends with two people I met in grad school (about 15 years ago), who are both wonderful cooks and bakers. We used our spare time watching and getting inspired by food tv shows and baking. We spent snowy days in the kitchen of our rental apartment baking simple things like brownies and cakes and then consuming the reward of our freshly baked items while watching a movie in the evening. This is where it all started.

What's your signature bake? It really is cakes! I love asking friends and family what flavours they want and the theme and then using the cake as a canvas to put it all together. 

Why do you think you can be Canada's Best Amateur Baker? I am a long-time fan of the show. I've watched and auditioned for years to learn new skills. With focus and creativity, I think I can achieve Canada's Best Amateur Baker!

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