The Feel Good Friday Five: Let's play ball

Batter up! It’s Friday, and we’re back with another five things to make you feel good.

Batter up! It's Friday, and we're back with another five things to make you feel good. So step up to the plate and get ready to catch some happy thoughts coming your way. 

1. Episode: Schitt's Creek - The M.V.P.

If you're missing baseball this spring, this episode of Schitt's Creek will be just the fix. In "The M.V.P." David agrees to sub in for the annual baseball game, and well, let's just say it's as entertaining as you think it is. And, if you haven't seen it already, check out this clip from the episode as called by CBC Sports' Scott Russell.

2. Episode: Kim's Convenience - Soccer Dad

And if baseball isn't your thing, how about soccer? In this episode, Appa unwittingly becomes Jung and Kimchee's soccer coach. If you follow the series, you know that Appa and Jung have a fairly troubled up-and-down relationship, and "Soccer Dad" features one of the "up" moments where we see Jung and Appa working together from the same playbook, so to speak. Also check out this episode for the other storyline, where Umma insists that Janet learns to cook, and maybe learns a few things herself in the process. And if you haven't seen it, here's CBC Sports' Scott Russell also calling a play-by-play of the soccer scene from this episode.

3. Documentary: Nature's Cleanup Crew

You may be surprised to see this one here, as it may not be immediately apparent that this is a feel good story -- but it is. Nature's Cleanup Crew is a look at the various species who clean up our mess and the scientists who are looking at ways to make their methods even more efficient and beneficial to humans and the rest of the natural world. Who doesn't love a good story about resourcefulness and tenacity?

4. Article: Woman spreads joy to every household in Harris, Sask.

Check this out: Kathleen Ritchie, who lives in a village about 80 kilometres southwest of Saskatoon, has been secretly creating personalized greeting cards for everyone in her community. Ritchie is apparently pretty crafty, with creating unique greeting cards as one of her hobbies -- and used this opportunity to say thanks to a community that embraced her when she moved there only a few years ago.  

5. Special mini-site: Hello Spring! 

Now, as we know, Canadian winters can be long and cruel, but we also know that means spring is just that much sweeter. To celebrate spring, CBC Life recently launched a fun new mini-site called "Hello Spring," with the goal to bring you moments of beauty from across the country. Take a look and you'll see animal cameras, gardening tips, and more special stories about spring.