Still Standing

Where we're going in Season 5 of Still Standing

Jonny Harris and the Still Standing crew are taking you to 13 more awe-inspiring small towns across Canada in this season's episodes!
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Jonny Harris and the Still Standing crew truck from coast to coast, spanning 9 provinces in their ongoing small-town tour of this big country to celebrate the places and the people that are holding on, no matter what. 

Starting Tuesday, September 17, we kick-off our cross-country tour on Campobello Island, New Brunswick. From there we bring you a dozen more awe-inspiring communities across Canada. Check out the list below for all of the towns we're visiting and a snippet of the things we're doing in Season 5.

Tune in at 8/8:30 NT or watch on CBC Gem.

In the first episode of Season 5, Jonny visits picturesque Campobello Island. (CBC/Still Standing)
Campobello Island, N.B.
TUES, SEPT 17 | To kick off season 5 of Still Standing, Jonny attends a community potluck, spends time whale watching with Captain Mackie Greene and gets the inside scoop on this town with a host of accessibility challenges from 9th generation islander Theresa Mitchell.


In the second episode of Season 5, Jonny gets into embroidery with boxing star, Domenic "Hollywood" Filane in Schreiber, Ontario. (CBC/Still Standing)
Schreiber, Ont.
TUES, SEPT 24 | Jonny lends a helping hand with making Italian sausage from scratch, has breakfast with former singer Cosimo Filane and his family and gets into some embroidery with boxing star Domenic "Hollywood" Filane.


Jonny does a relax in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia in episode 3 of Season 5. (CBC/Still Standing)
 Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.
TUES, OCT 1 | Jonny goes sturgeon fishing in this seasonal resort town, learns about the local "anatomically-wondrous" Sasquatch sculpture, and relaxes by the notorious hot springs with local artist Aileen Penner.
Canadian basketball star, Justine Colley-Leger dribbles circles around Jonny in East Preston, Nova Scotia during the fourth episode of Season 5. (CBC/Still Standing)
East Preston, N.S.
TUES. OCT 8 |  Jonny shoots hoops with Canadian basketball star Justine Colley-Leger, shoots a 60-pound compound bow and gets a chance to discuss empowerment with Senator Dr. Wanda Thomas Bernard.


Quick coffee break at a Churchill, Manitoba espresso b(e)ar during the fifth episode of Season 5. (CBC/Still Standing)
Churchill, Man.
TUES, OCT 15 | Jonny gets to drive a Polar Rover, speaks with a bear-attack survivor, and swings by a community softball tournament where he talks with locals about the curveball that was thrown at Churchill when they suddenly became a fly-in-only town.


Jonny surveys the riches in Fortune, Newfoundland for the sixth episode of Season 5. (CBC/Still Standing)
Fortune, N.L.
TUES, OCT 22 | This former cod-fishing town is known as the gateway to the French islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon. After Jonny snacks on croissants and fine cheese, he chats with the big cheese, Mayor Charles Penwell, and later attends a downhome shed party.


Jonny makes a stoic new friend in Nipigon, Ontario during episode seven of Season 5. (CBC/Still Standing)
Nipigon, Ont.
TUES, OCT 29 | Jonny climbs up Mt. Helen, takes a tour through photographer Art "Baggy" LaFrambois's studio and gets a lesson in making crepes from an 11-year-old business owner.
Jonny obliviously wonders why everyone is looking his way on an airfield in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland for episode 8 of Season 5. (CBC/Still Standing)
Harbour Grace, N.L.
TUES, NOV 5 | Jonny cruises around town with author and historian Pat Collins, attends a High Tea, and takes a stab at Trivia Night with some locals while learning about this former cod-fishing town. 


In Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan, Jonny learns how to make a traditional hunting knife with expert blacksmith, Toto Espanola for episode 9 of Season 5. (CBC/Still Standing)
Gravelbourg, Sask.
TUES, NOV 12 | Jonny tries out blacksmithing with an expert knife-maker, gets his groove on learning French tap dancing and chats with Gravelbourg's Town Historian, Louis Stringer.


Jonny gets pummelled with snowballs by a fierce gang of Bristol, Quebec locals while minding his own business, filming episode 10 of Season 5. (CBC/Still Standing)
Bristol, Que.
TUES, NOV 19 |  Jonny visits an Alpaca farm, tries his - er, feet at kick-sledding and goes for a moonlight ski through the town of Bristol.


Jonny goes tree-climbing with Lumby, British Columbia tree-feller, Caitlyn Snyder for the eleventh episode of Season 5. (CBC/Still Standing)
Lumby, B.C.
TUES, NOV 26 | In this former logging town, Jonny gets up close and personal with the trees while learning about 'forest bathing', visits a 40-acre grow-op that's hoping to make pot for pets, and joins the circus!
Jonny goes ice fishing with Calabogie, Ontario's Joanne Leclaire for episode 12 of Season 5. (CBC/Still Standing)
Calabogie, Ont.
TUES, DEC 3 | In what might just be "the funnest small town in the country," Jonny learns how to sit-ski, takes a winter safety driving course and takes part in the apres-ski 'shoot the boot' tradition.


In the finale episode for Season 5, Jonny learns about Indian Relay Racing with Allison Red Crow and Cody Big Tobacco in Siksika Nation, Alberta. (CBC/Still Standing)
Siksika Nation, Alta.
TUES, DEC 10 | In the season finale of Still Standing, Jonny visits the second largest reserve in Canada and gets a chance to chat with Astokomii Smith (Calgary Stampede First Nations Princess), visits a spooky film set and learns about Indian Relay Racing with former team racers Allison Red Crow and Cody Big Tobacco.