Still Standing

Top 10 fan-favourite episodes from Still Standing

Take a walk down memory lane as we recap your top fan favourite episodes from six season of Still Standing!

Take a walk down memory lane as we recap your top fan favourite episodes from Still Standing!

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Hey Canada! In the name of research, we asked all of YOU what your absolute favourite episodes of Still Standing have been so far, and you let us know. These towns are anything but small when it comes to their rich history and lovable communities that not only survive, but have found ways to thrive through adversity. Take a walk down Still Standing memory lane with us and recap your top 10 episodes of the series so far.

10. Omemee, Ont.

Season 2
This small town tucked away in Ontario is the hometown of Neil Young and all of his childhood memories, and is not as self-centred as the name might suggest. 

9. Woody Point, N.L.

Season 6
After the closure of Woody Point's highway bypass, this town decided to reinvent itself as a world-class travel destination. If you want to get a coffee with a side of a dolphin jumping out of water right in front of your eyes, this is the spot. 

8. Buxton, Ont.

Season 1
Buxton, Ontario is a happy ending to one of the most shameful eras of American history. It's home of the true North strong and free, emphasis on the 'North.' 

7. Turner Valley, Alta.

Season 6
Turner Valley is the birthplace of the oil and gas industry. The first oil well in Alberta was drilled in Turner Valley, and by the 1940s, this little town was producing about 95% of all the crude oil in the British Commonwealth. 

6. Bell Island, N.L.

Season 3
This Newfoundland island hopes that finding new ways of telling their rich historical stories will be enough to bring in boatloads of mainlanders, and a brighter future.

5. Schreiber, Ont.

Season 5
This slice of southern Italy is hidden away in Northern Ontario. Immigrants from Siderno came to Schreiber a century ago, and the rest is history. Watch Jonny roll up his sleeves in the kitchen and get down and dirty with a nonna and her signature sausages!

4. Inuvik, N.W.T.

Season 2
Inuvik is a hub community that tells the story of survival. In the northwest corner of the Northwest Territories, this incredible town is known for its road to resources and chilly temperatures. 

3. Fort McMurray, Alta.

Season 3
Following the most destructive wildfire in Canadian history, the people of Fort McMurray, Alberta have been determined to look past the great loss and create new opportunities for all. 

2. Pelee Island, Ont.

Season 6
For environmentally sensitive Pelee Island, the future may be uncertain, but the residents of this little island are dedicated to preserving its history for generations to come. The balance between conservation and tourism is what makes Pelee Island a fan favourite!

1. Fortune, N.L.

Season 5
Our number-one fan favourite town is Fortune, N.L.! 
Canadians may soon be able to drive from Fortune, N.L. to a little-known corner of France, if all things go well for this little town. And no, it's not all cigarettes and Camembert cheese there.