Still Standing

Jonny learns how the (Italian) sausage is made in Schreiber

In Schreiber, Ont. Jonny meets Nonna Spezial who invites him into her kitchen for a cooking lesson: hand-made Italian sausage.
Jonny Harris meets Nonna Speziale of Schreiber, Ont. who is renowned for her delectable, homemade Italian sausages. She invites him into her kitchen and shares her recipe, but he's got to roll up his sleeves and help out! 2:04

"If you have any trouble — call Nonna!"

Jonny visits Schreiber, Ont. where he meets Nonna Speziale, who is renowned for her delectable homemade Italian sausages. She invites him into her cozy kitchen where she schools him on the basics of sausage-making. It really isn't as easy as it looks! 

See how Jonny helps Nonna and her son Dennis turn 40 lbs of pork (and a whole lot of wine) into sausage!

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