Still Standing

In Churchill, Manitoba, these stunning murals sparked joy during hard times

Jonny Harris talks to Churchill, Manitoba residents and learns about the massive murals painted around the remote town and how they brought joy during a tough time.
Jonny Harris talks to Churchill locals about how the town's new massive murals have made an impact. 1:43

"A lot of people were bummed out that we had no train, that our freight costs were soaring, that our food costs were soaring... And then they came into town."

When the only ground access into and out of town got washed out in a flood, and with no repair in sight, the town of Churchill, Manitoba found itself cut off from supplies, family and friends, and much-needed summer tourism. The "SeaWalls" project helped with that; 18 amazing artists from around the world travelled to Churchill and created massive murals on local buildings (Watch the CBC Docs POV feature).

Jonny talks to Churchill locals Patricia and Dymitry Kandiurin about how the art project has made a difference to residents during a very difficult time. 

"It's like bringing new life into town."

Watch the video above to see how a tiny town in Manitoba became a large-scale art exhibit. 

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