Still Standing

How Still Standing fans are making the most of staying in

From woodturning to woodpeckers: we asked Still Standing fans about the simple things that are bringing them joy during this time of social distancing.

We asked Still Standing fans about the simple things that are bringing them joy during this time of social/physical distancing and here are some of the things they shared with us!

Mother nature's remedy

Jean was out of printer ink, so she and her granddaughter hand-made their backyard bird-sighting checklists! "We can now identify their songs."
(Facebook: Jean Huffman)
Pat went to the store for supplies but they were out of what she needed, so she came home with a fresh bouquet of Spring instead!
(Facebook: Pat Rupert)

Celebrating love in isolation

"Blessed and grateful." Tracy and her fiancé, Shawn, have been thankful his hemodialysis can be done from home as they use this time to continue planning for their upcoming wedding.
(Facebook: Tracy Johnson)
Speaking of marriage, Jeannie and her partner celebrated their 44th anniversary, cozy at home.
(Facebook: Jeannie Mac)

Family togetherness

Having easy access to quiet outdoor spaces has been even more valuable these days. Cathy took her family seal-watching. "A great way to break up our at-home time!"
Note the seal, who is practicing excellent social distancing.
(Facebook: Cathy Royal)
Kristen has loved watching her kids eagerly gather at the computer as their hard-working teachers read books to them and send out dedicated messages each day. "They get really excited to watch."
(Facebook: Kirsten Thiry)
Sharing the same birthday with her daughter is one of Laura's favourite things. The two were all smiles at their cozy house party!
(Facebook: Laura Cecilia)
Jeannie's son didn't let the cancellation of outdoor St. Patrick's Day celebrations dampen his holiday spirit. That enthusiasm would make anybody smile!
(Facebook: Jeannie St. Croix)

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Allison is predicting the future (and it's looking pretty cool, to be honest): "Everything is changing. Pretty soon, dogs driving will be totally normal!"
(Facebook: Allison Wagner)
Heather's dog is looking very pleased that she's staying home, sharing her snacks and watching TV together. "His favourite show, besides Still Standing, is Kim's Convenience...he has good taste!" We couldn't agree more.
(Facebook: Heather Ann Wilson)

Getting crafty

Barry is bowling us over with these bowls made of maple, and this hobby has turned out to be a really good fit for this time of social distancing; "We wood turners are good at self-isolation and have all the gear; mask, gloves, face shield, respirator. The process takes as long as it takes. It matters not if you're having fun."
(Facebook: Barry Young)
Pascha loves to cook and create so she's been working on her first cookbook, which feels like perfect timing while most of us are becoming pretty darn comfortable with working in the kitchen lately.
(Facebook: Pascha Hansen)
Brenda knows exactly how to get to her happy place; "Weaving with bright colours!"
(Facebook: Brenda Smith)

Staying in and helping out

Susan's been crocheting up a storm to donate warm hats and scarves to local shelters. "It really does make me happy to focus on a brighter future than to dwell on the privations of the present." Hats off to you, Susan!
(Facebook: Susan Lime)
With the short supply of facemasks for hospital workers, Jeanie has made these beautiful washable face masks for the local humane society. Just look at that stitching!
(Facebook: Jeanie Bennett)