Still Standing

How a Nova Scotia man found an arcane law that no one knew existed to launch his hansom cab company

East Preston's Terry Thomas tells Jonny Harris how he got Halifax, N.S. to pony up permits for his hansom cab company.
Terry Thomas of East Preston, N.S. was told he wasn't allowed to operate a horse-drawn carriage in Halifax. He thought that didn't sound quite right so he did some research and found a supporting argument that no bureaucrat could argue with! 1:29

"He said, 'Everybody in the office is fascinated that you dug this up!' Within two hours, I had my permit."

East Preston's Terry Thomas takes Jonny for a horse-drawn carriage ride (in a custom-built Cinderella coach, no less!) and tells the story of how he got Halifax, Nova Scotia to pony up a permit for his hansom cab company. 

Watch the video above to see how one afternoon of research turned into a lifetime of shillings for this East Preston resident. 


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