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Canadian towns that are all about love

6 Canadian towns that evoke the spirit of Valentine’s Day

Six Canadian towns that evoke the spirit of Valentine’s Day

Every Feb. 14, Canadians celebrate love. Okay, it's not just Canadians. Valentine's Day is celebrated around the world as a day to shower your loved ones with affection. And whether you are up late helping your kid fill out Valentine notes for their entire class, or you are planning a romantic dinner with your beloved, this annual love fest lasts just one day and then it's gone. 

But for a handful of small towns across Canada, the spirit of love and romance lasts all year long.

Wedding destination, Fogo Island Inn, Fogo Island, N.L.

Since opening in 2013, the Fogo Island Inn has played a role in reviving the economy of Fogo Island, N.L., a community that suffered due to the decline of Newfoundland's cod fishery. The posh hotel has helped reverse Fogo's fortunes, and attracted romance seekers who come to see the beautiful minimalist architecture juxtaposed against the rugged North Atlantic. Lovers also come to tie the knot at the inn, embarking on a day that involves hiking, stargazing and a custom wedding cake. U.S.-based Brides Magazine referenced the hotel as a place to honeymoon in Canada. Even Vogue Magazine has caught on to the magic here, mentioning a Fogo Island Inn wedding that was among the "The Top Vogue Weddings of 2019." 

The Fogo Island Inn has brought tourists from all over the world to Fogo Island, N.L. (Zach Goudie/CBC)

We headed to Fogo Island in our very first season of Still Standing, where, in addition to soaking up the romantic vibes, Jonny explains why Fogo Island, N.L. would be the place to go if the zombie apocalypse ever strikes.

Hallmark movies shot in Almonte, Ont.

When you watch a Hallmark movie, there's a good chance that it was shot in Canada. U.S. corporate giant, Hallmark comes north of the border to shoot many of their films – using scenic communities across the country as the backdrop to capture romance. One town seems to be just a little more romantic than the rest.

Almonte, Ont. — southwest of Ottawa — has been the setting for numerous Hallmark movies. It's not a surprise, with its historic main street, quaint shops, and the meandering Mississippi River nearby. (Yes, we have a Mississippi river here, too.) So the next time you're indulging in one of these flicks, check the location credits! There's a chance you're wandering through Almonte.

The "Capital of Love," Saint-Valentin, Que.

Any town with a name like Saint-Valentin would be foolish not to milk that for all it was worth every February. And the citizens of Saint-Valentin, Que. are no fools. 

The rural community of around 450 people, south of Montreal, calls itself "The Capital of Love." Every year, leading up to Valentine's Day, the community celebrates the Festival de la Saint-Valentin, a popular event in the Montérégie region that brings hundreds of people to town. After a week of family events, the community gathers on Feb. 14 for a Lover's Evening, complete with dinner and a show. During the week of Valentine's Day, the post office receives letters and parcels from all around the world that were sent there specifically to get stamped with a special Valentine's Day cancel before continuing to their destination, a tradition since 1994.

This cancel stamp from Saint-Valentin, Que. is just adorable.

Northern Lights, Marsh Lake, Y.N.

They dance, they're colourful, and they've fascinated people for thousands of years: the Northern Lights. The lights occur  when the sun's electrically charged particles collide and enter the earth's atmosphere. An especially popular spot for light watching is Marsh Lake, Yukon, a small community north of Carcross, where Jonny visited in Season 4 and fell head-over-heels (—er, on his mountain bike.) From Mid-August to April, people come to see the Aurora Borealis.

The teeny town with lots of heart, Love, Sask.

(Courtesy: Village of Love, Saskatchewan)

Much like Saint-Valentin, tiny Love, Sask. is famous for its cancel stamp — that's the stamp that goes over a postage stamp, showing that it's been used — in the shape of a teddy bear and a heart. The Love post office has received thousands of pieces of mail from all over the world, sent be people who want to give that special someone a letter from, or stamped with, the heart.